Most People Don’t Trust the Media

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According to a new study from the American Press Institute, almost no one trusts the media. The report found that just 6 percent of Americans have a great amount of confidence in the press.

To put that into perspective, the API ‘s study showed that Americans trust only Congress less than the media. Other organizations that the public has more confidence in than journalists: banks, organized religion, the Supreme Court and the military.

The No.1 reason people mistrust the media is that they found reports one-sided or biased. Following closely behind was that readers found something factually inaccurate.

Interestingly, respondents to the API report said that how a media outlet responds to inaccurate reports is extremely important.

“Several focus group participants said they do not expect news sources to be perfect and how a source reacts to errors can actually build trust,” stated the report. “Several people said that owning up to mistakes and drawing attention to errors or mistakes can show consumers that a source is accountable and dedicated to getting it right in the long term.”