Most patients want doctors to prescribe mobile apps over medication


According to a new study by PMiLiVE, 90 percent of patients with chronic ailments are open to mobile app prescriptions from their doctor. In contrast, only 66 percent of patients would be open to prescribed medicine.

The study surveyed 2,000 patients with 20 different cardiac, gastrointestinal, and respiratory diseases as well as CNS and diabetes. The survey also found that users of mobile applications for health are mostly female and span across all different age groups. In addition that, more than 60% of mobile health app users with chronic conditions have been living with their disease for more than three years.

With this study, it shows that people are willing to spend on mobile health through paid apps or even peripherals such as Nike Fuelbands or Fitbits. With the market projected at reaching $23.49 billion by 2018, we are seeing rapid adoption from all types of users.

Though these devices can come at a high price, their use may ease the overall financial threshold associated with chronic conditions. The use of mobile app technologies in health can be seen as empowering as they can help collect more data and make adjustments in behaviors accordingly.