‘Most Influential New Yorkers on Twitter’ List Is Slightly Surprising


We don’t doubt the algorithms of social analytics company PeerIndex. We were, however, mildly surprised by the results of their most influential New York tweeters study featured today in New York magazine.

Some are obvious: mayors de Blasio and Bloomberg, Bill Clinton, Neil deGrass Tyson, Jimmy Fallon, and…French Montana? Is that Miley’s long-lost brother?

Just kidding. We know he’s a rapper because we do research. We also assume that Piers Morgan comes in at #4 due to the recent failure of his CNN show and the fact that he’s not afraid to call out his haters from his comfy spot beneath the bridge.

Here’s the rub: PeerIndex based its findings on replies and retweets over 30 days in January/February, a period that included the Super Bowl. That might explain why ESPN’s Adam Schefter tops the list and several local sportscasters landed in the top 20. Still, we wonder how some journalists who report on the Knicks are more influential than, say, Katie Couric or Joan Rivers(!).

It must be that they’re far better at their jobs than the players they cover.

The company says it used “only messages from those it determined to be located mainly in New York state”, and compared to a similar UK list, this one featured far more reporters, political leaders and intellectuals like Tyson and Maria Popova of Brainpickings. As a spokesman told Daily Intelligencer’s Joe Coscarelli, the top five across-the-pond influencers just happened to be the five members of One Direction.

We won’t pull a Piers and get all smug about it, but we do feel a bit of Empire pride right now.

One major objection: don’t you DARE tell us that Liam is more influential than Harry Styles!!

@PatrickCoffee patrick.coffee@adweek.com Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.