Most Government PR Pros Got Furloughed This Week

One fact you might miss in all these infuriating reports about the latest congressional soap opera: while thousands of government employees will continue to work this week and some *cough cough* will even get (over)paid for doing less than nothing, most with jobs described as “public affairs” aka PR were deemed “non-essential” and placed on furlough.

A quick Google News search will reveal stories like:

  • This one, in which reporters spoke to “the only personnel left in a public affairs office” in Chicago
  • This one, including a quote from “the lone worker on duty in the public affairs office” at a military research base
  • This one, in which EPA employees in New Jersey discuss volunteering around the area while they wait for the drama to unfold
  • This one, which notes that all public affairs officers for the VA will have to stay home
  • This one, which mentions that more than half of those in “public affairs, contracting, logistics and public works” got furloughed, even at Fort Mead

It’s enough to make you want to volunteer for whoever’s running against the guys responsible for this, isn’t it?

*Photo via some senator’s page. Featured images do not = endorsements.

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