Real Madrid Scores This Week's Most Engaging Page

Soccer fans are re-engaging with pages on Facebook, punting the spring religious holidays from the very top spots in our rankings.

Soccer fans are re-engaging with pages on Facebook, punting the spring religious holidays from the very top spots in our rankings.

Name Fans Interactions
1. Real Madrid C.F. 11,547,625 1,840,446
2. Jesus Daily 4,886,738 1,176,224
3. Justin Bieber 25,330,755 1,035,975
4. The Bible 6,714,055 857,311
5. Manchester United 12,029,816 591,963
6. Mario Teguh 3,857,927 538,601
7. Lady Gaga 32,408,773 499,109
8. Necip Fazil Kisakurek 862,271 457,077
9. WEREVERTUMORRO 1,530,672 436,482
10. Dios Es Bueno! 3,195,756 412,102
11. Cristiano Ronaldo 23,754,494 382,847
12. Jesus Christ 2,234,631 380,893
13. LA Lakers 7,581,374 367,122
14. Mehmetçik 1,797,983 336,981
15. 5,328,081 306,354
16. Müzik Keyfi 1,339,084 301,671
17. NBA 8,195,562 300,522
18. FC Barcelona 12,717,769 288,616
19. eN KapAK NiCkLEr”‘!!! 994,700 285,887
20. Educate Yourself 997,185 283,865

Sports: From places check-ins to fantasy leagues, Real Madrid C.F hosts an interactive hot spot on the social network; 1,840,446 fans have joined the conversation helping make the football teams home on Facebook our most engaging page this week. Star forward for the team, Cristiano Ronaldo, successfully nabs the 11th spot as well; 382,847 fans showed support for the player on Facebook.

Manchester United slips a few spots back into fifth; the sports team finished the week with an impressive 591,963 interactions totaled. FC Barcelona hangs on to our engaging list in the 18th position this week; the team’s official home on Facebook welcomed 288,616 posts.

NBA Playoffs are under way, and basketball lovers are buzzing on the social network. The Los Angeles Lakers fans continue to be supportive on the social network. The team leaped into the 13th spot; this past week the Lakers saw an interaction total of 367,122. For all the latest playoff news many are heading to the NBA’s official page; 300,522 likers added a thought on the page.

Religion: The spring holidays may be winding down, but the conversations on many of the religiously focused pages seem to be only increasing. Jesus Daily takes a notable jump forward as the page successfully takes second place; 1,176,224 new interactions were tallied last week. The Bible gets knocked out of first place as it lands in the number four position; 857,311 social networkers still helped the text achieve an excellent week.

Dios Es Bueno, which translates as God Is Good, continues to press forward this week as it rests comfortably located in the center of our list; an additional 412,102 new posts were counted. Jesus Christ drops off into the 12th spot, but it still welcomed an immense 380,893 new thoughts. reappears on our list this week coming in 15th; 306,354 engaged fans help the page reclaim a place on this week’s list.

Pop Stars: Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga both continue to sit pretty on our list for another week in a row. The young pop star and diva in the making landed in the third and seventh spots respectively; Bieber witnessed 1,035,975 fans expressing their love for him on Facebook while Lady Gaga finished a weekly interaction total of 499,109.

In Turkey: Turkish writer Necip Fazil Kisakurek moves up into the top ten this week; 457,077 fans added a post to the popular page. A Turkish army page, Mehmetcik, appears for the first time this week; 336,981 new thoughts were added to the conversation.

Müzik Keyfi continues to a popular choice for music fans; 301,671 social networkers chimed in to the conversation last week. En Kapak Nickler, which translates to Most Cover Downloads, has been bouncing around the list quite a bit in recent weeks; 285,887 interactions in the past seven days has helped the page land in 19th spot.

Around the globe: Motivational speaker Mario Teguh stays in the top ten once again as his page is a consistent hot spot for two-way conversations; 538,601 Facebook users added their two cents on the page last week. Werevertumorrow makes a notable leap forward as it finishes the week in coming in ninth; the page had 436,482 fans chattering last week. Educate Yourself rounds out our list this week; 283,865 added a post to the Arabic page.

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Readers, did any pages or trends particularly stand out for you this week?