“‘Most E-Mailed’ List Tearing New York Times’ Newsroom Apart”

If you haven’t already seen this Onion piece, you need to give it a read to see “reporting” on such local NYT’ers as Adam Nagourney, David Sanger and Thomas Friedman.

    “Your reputation is everything here at the Times, and if you want get known, you’ve got to deliver what readers want: differences between men and women, and photos of cats,” national political reporter Adam Nagourney said. “I suppose I could be most e-mailed, too, if I sat in front of my computer all day making up cutesy names for government officials, like some redheaded Wednesday and Saturday columnists I know.”

    Along with most of his Times colleagues, Nagourney is convinced that online readers instinctively overlook harder news for the eye-catching Most E-Mailed box, making the pressure to craft articles with those magical “click and send” qualities that much more intense.

Read the whole thing here.