Mossberg: 10 iPhone Apps to Consider

New iPhone owners who see trolling through hundreds and hundreds of applications as a chore rather than an adventure are probably quite happy with all the “Best Of” type lists that cropped up online over the weekend.

One of the lists we like comes from the Wall Street Journal‘s Walt Mossberg, who used his Mossblog column on All Things D to chat about what he considers to be 10 worthy iPhone apps. After downloading and playing with dozens of programs from the Apple App Store over the weekend, Mossberg came up with a list of applications he recommends checking out.

His suggestions include AOL’s new AIM client for the iPhone; MotionX-Poker, a poker game played with dice; the TruPhone Internet calling app; FileMagnet file transfer program; the SpeechCloud Voice Dialer; Pandora radio; Where; Movies, a free movie-finding service; Apple’s own Remote program that lets you control your iTunes music over a wireless network, and At Bat, which lets you watch game clips while the game is still in process.

You can read Mossberg’s musings on the applications here.