Mosio Mixes Q&A Service with Twitter

San Francisco start-up Mosio has integrated its live, community-based mobile Q&A service with mobile social network Twitter as a new application called Twitter Answers. The integration means that you can ask a question via Twitter, Jott (voice-to-text), SMS or e-mail, from virtually any mobile device and receive answers and comments in real-time from your friends’ network and the whole Mosio community.


According to Mosio co-founder and CEO Noel Chandler, the ability to get instant opinions on anything from where to find the best sushi to whether your mechanic is trying to rip you off is where Mosio’s benefits are the greatest. “It’s this type of isntant gratification that only a live social mobile ocmmunity like Mosio can provide,” he said. “It’s about making Q&A fun and super-convenient.”