Mosaic Minis

Mosaic Minis

I had my first chance to ride in a Mini Cooper over the weekend and it did not disappoint. It’s amazingly spacious inside (my chaffeur, and the owner of said mini, is nearly 6’7″ and entirely comfortable in the driver’s seat) and its compactness made street parking in the most challenging neighborhoods (meat-packing district, Noho) a snap. And it’s so damn cute! It’s kind of like being in a much-safer-feeling rollercoaster car. (Does that make any sense?)

In any event, I digress. ICFF is coming to town next week, presenting an opportunity to view the progeny of the unlikely marriage of Minis + Italian mosaic tile makers Bisazza. For your amusement, some breathless PR from the Mini promo site.:

MINI will present itself in the exclusive outfit of the Italian lifestyle label Bisazza. Mosaic surfaces made up of thousands of coloured glass stones turn four MINI models into not for sale designer one-offs. MINI and Bisazza have agreed the cooperation, because with their products both brands create thrilling experiences for customers and viewers alike, realising them in top quality and uniting their traditions with trail-blazing technology.

Follow the link, ignore the copy and look at the pretty pictures.

(From Cool Hunting, via Apartment Therapy.)