Morton’s Gets Good Buzz, Peter Shankman Gets a Steak Dinner

Shankman at the airport with his steak dinner.

At the end of a long day trip to Florida, Peter Shankman tweeted about his hankering for a steak dinner from Morton’s and, lo and behold, it was waiting for him at Newark Airport when he arrived home. One more tweet from Shankman to talk up the stellar customer service (plus a blog post) that brought this fancy dinner to him on the fly (ha!), and the result is lots of buzz for Morton’s, a more-than-satisfied customer, and a happy cat.

“[Customer service is] about producing amazing moments in time, and letting those moments become the focal point of how amazing you are, told not by you, but by the customer who you thrilled. They tell their friends, and the trust level goes up at a factor of a thousand,” Shankman writes.

However, there is the question of whether certain customers get better treatment than others because of the publicity they can generate.

Shankman has more than 107,000 Twitter followers, so if he tweets something positive, it’ll definitely get out. Taking that into account, Shankman points out that Morton’s keeps a close watch on social media and could have done this for any one of its regulars (Shankman eats there often). TheNextWeb questions that, and so do we.

Either way, with all of the contests, events, and other efforts brands put out there to generate goodwill with customers, this is a gesture that goes a long way. If a brand takes a few steps to look out for its customers, customers usually will return the favor.

*Update: It looks like Morton’s is spreading the wealth. We just saw this tweet pop up:

RT @petershankman: Nice. RT @Mortons: We enjoyed WOWing @petershankman, & we’d like 2treat u too: enter 2win din for 2! Tweet #SteakThankYou. Winner 2morrow.