Mort Zuckerman Did Not Quite Write An Obama Speech

U.S. News & World Report editor in chief Mort Zuckerman is clarifying earlier claims he made of having written a speech by Barack Obama.
In an appearance on Fox, Zuckerman told Neil Cavuto that, despite recently writing an article for U.S. News & World Report titled “Obama Is Barely Treading Water,” he had originally endorsed Obama and even wrote a speech for him. The Upshot has video of the exchange here.
Zuckerman waved off Cavuto’s follow-up questioning and the White House has yet to comment officially on the matter, but a source did tell The Upshot something rather interesting: Obama’s top speechwriters, Jon Favreau and Ben Rhodes, have never met with with Zuckerman.
Zuckerman has since reworded his description of his involvement:

My point in noting during a recent television interview that I had once “helped” contribute to one of Barack Obama’s campaign speeches was to reflect the fact that my recent criticisms of the president came from someone who had been supportive of him, who had voted for him, and whose newspaper endorsed him. I continue to hope for his and the country’s success.