Morning TV Producer Blogs About Why He Loves Job: “I Get to Witness History”

Job search got you down? Or maybe it’s not the search so much as internal politics? The daily grind? Commute? All of the above?

Mike Brannen, morning newscast producer for KSTP, the ABC affiliate in Minneapolis-St.Paul, blogged about why he loves his job on the Society of Professional Journalists’ blog network.

It’s times like these that make all of the hustling and hard work worth it. Here’s an excerpt:

“I love my job as a newscast producer because…

Each day is different.
It is unpredictable.
An average day can turn into chaos in seconds.
I feel an adrenaline rush when there is breaking news.
I get to witness history.

I work with smart, clever people.
I know a little bit about everything.
I know things before most people.
I help people feel confident about what’s going on in their world.
It’s funny when people say “did you see it on the news?”, because I always say “yes.”

Adding that every morning is “a competition with other stations,” he gets satisfaction beating them on a story.

Perhaps the best part about it is all of the future news that is yet to print or in this case, air. He adds, “I know there are many more stories to come, because I’ve done this for only 3 years.”

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