Morning Slap: Rep. Quayle Insults Politico, Reporters Fire Back at Freshman Congressman

There was a collective gasp amongst Politico reporters at last night’s Radio & TV Correspondents’ Association Congressional Dinner last night as freshman Rep. Ben Quayle took to the stage and skewered them.

While they laughed about it at the after party, the chuckles weren’t without irritation. “He sucked,” said one Politico reporter on condition of anonymity.

Quayle, a Republican from Arizona, had sharp words for Politico: He called the publication simply the “worst” media outlet in history. “It’s a little weird for me to be speaking at an event that’s sponsored by the media,” Quayle told the crowd in the Convention Center ballroom. “Although I come from a newspaper family, we seem to have a strained relationship with press. Strained is a polite word for troubled. And the press is a generous term for Politico. You know, it took everything I had not to refer to Politico as the worst media outlet in history. It’s not that I don’t believe in that assertion, but I don’t want to get into hyperbole.”

Another Politico reporter, Dave Catanese, went on record saying he thought Quayle’s performance left something to be desired after Rep. Anthony Weiner‘s (D-N.Y.) speech, but said, “We respect Quayle’s continued clicks on and welcome them in the foreseeable future. You can’t have a big Washington event without a [joke at the expense of] Politico.”

Even @FakeJimVandeHei (the real Executive Editor of Politico was not in attendance) had a barb for Quayle: “Did he spell it POLITICOE? #burn” he wrote in response to our reporting of Quayle’s jab.

Watch the video at RealClearPolitics here.