Morning Reading List 08.20.13.

1. Filner’s sketchy record — Though San Diego Mayor Bob Filner‘s past record on sexual harassment shouldn’t come as any big surprise to anyone, it’s still jarring to see it in black and white. Today, Charles Johnson of The Daily Caller spells out the details of Filner’s record while in Congress. While he protested adamantly about sexual harassment and assault in the military and attacked an opponent for sexual improprieties, he defended President Bill Clinton.  Read the full story here.

Why you should read it: If you aren’t grossed out by Filner at this point, here’s a few more reasons. Plus, there’s a fun parody video out by a local TV station depicting his ridiculous behavior toward women.

2. Morning tear jerker — In an opinion piece published Monday night, Michael Gerson writes a compelling personal essay about saying goodbye to his eldest son going off to college. He writes, “The emotions of a parent, I can attest, are an odd mix: part pride, part resignation, part self-pity, even a bit of something that feels like grief. The experience is natural and common. And still planets are thrown off their axes.” He admits his own intense homesickness when he was a freshman in college and says his son will experience the same. Read the story here.

Why you should read it: This town, man. Only in Washington would a columnist admit to getting emotional advice from a “high-powered Washington foreign policy expert.” God forbid it’s just a neighbor or someone with a boring, ordinary job.

See our last pick…

3. Filner’s Halloween pumpkin smile — Apologies for the Filner avalanche this morning, but Politico‘s Roger Simon is out with a new column this morning on the beleaguered mayor who he says isn’t exactly California glamorous.  He even goes for the descriptive jugular as he says Filner isn’t even “lean” and “hungry” looking like New York mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner. Somehow we don’t even want to imagine Filner with Weiner’s hunger. Simon writes that “it is unlikely that Filner, 70, has ever emailed pictures of his abs to anyone. Filner’s body bears an unfortunate resemblance to a sack of doorknobs.” He later compares him to former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was accused of groping 15 women. Sadly for Filner, writes Simon, he lacks a celebrity that could get him off the hook. Read the story here.

Why you should read it: Simon’s insults are harsh but they are dead on and somewhat unexpected from the usually mild-mannered author. We like seeing this Simon underbelly.