Morning Reading List, 12.30.08

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Most of you spent $300+ on Christmas gifts. Clifford Crittenden, Susan Roth and Kenny Day knew that yesterday’s picture was of The National Museum of the American Indian. The Daily Beast presents, “The Best Viral Videos of 2008” and the “Best Video from All Over.” Gawker presents, “The 5 Types Of New Year’s Eve Parties.” Mixed Media asks, “Whither Bill Kristol? The Suspense Linger.” And FishbowlNY is, “Gazing Into the Kristol Ball.” Politico’s Playbook reports, “ENGAGED: Kyle Trygstad of Real Clear Politics, to long-time sweetheart Kelly Cannon, daughter of Carl Cannon, over the Christmas break. (Hat tip: Reid Wilson).” For Yeas & Nays, I take a look back on the year that was. Meredith Veira is 55. Matt Lauer is 51. Sean Hannity is 47. Check out today’s White House Photo of the Day from Time. Today’s “Angry Journalist” rant of the day: “My company — after months of telling staff we’re all safe — announce layoffs today despite every reassurance to the contrary. I’m pissed they were honest with us about our situation. I already know I’m safe, but I’m pissed for my friends. It’s not even up to our editors. It’s some bullshit corporate formula from people who’ve never spent a day in our newsroom.”

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  • The SND Update presents a “Q+A: The Baltimore Sun’s new editor”

  • Washington Times’ R. Emmett Tyrrell writes, “The decline of the New York Times continues, alas and egad. On Monday the Times was duped by some scoundrel who sent the newspaper’s Web site a rude e-mail about Caroline Kennedy, signed supposedly by Bertrand Delanoe, ‘Mayor of Paris.’ Now the Times has had to admit, ‘We posted a letter that carries the name of Bertrand Delanoe, the mayor of Paris, sharply criticizing Caroline Kennedy. This letter was a fake. It should not have been published. Doing so violated both our standards and our procedures in publishing signed letters from our readers.'”

  • Washingtonian presents, “Post Watch: Al Kamen’s Really in the Loop”

  • Jay Rosen tweets, “In Deb Howell’s finale as Washington Post ombudsman the big theme is the reluctance of journalists to accept any criticism”

  • Washington Post presents, “Best Of 2008: Guest Work — In which a few colleagues give us their own, annotated Top 5 singles/ albums/ whatevers lists. Or, in the case of a certain Pulitzer Prize-winning humorist, a Top 1. And then there’s that pathetic Top 0 from a certain Coldplay — and Journey-loving sports columnist.”

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  • A release announced, “According to Nielsen Media Research data, ‘Meet the Press’ was the most-watched Sunday morning public affairs program, winning the week ending Sunday, Dec. 21, 2008. The Gregory-moderated program was No. 1, averaging 4.779 million total viewers”

  • The AP reports, “BET, TV One plan extensive inauguration coverage”

  • Washington Post’s Lisa de Moraes writes, “At NBC, There Is No Script For Success”

  • reports, “‘Meet the Press’ stays on top”

  • The New York Times reports, “TV Retains Marketing Dollars in Hard Times”

  • Leonard Shapiro writes, “Loss of Michael Is a Truly Deep Cut”

  • AP’s David Bauder reports. “Politicians much more comfortable on late-night TV”

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  • TVWeek reports, “Using Twitter to Track User Satisfaction”

  • Check out 2009 Magazines 24/7 Digital Conference taking place in March.

  • TwiTip reports, “Why Twitter Will Go Mainstream In 2009”

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  • Tom Shales writes, “‘Decider’: Eight Years Of Dubious Reasoning”

  • Peter Osnos asks at The Daily Beast, “Why are journalists, at a moment like this, still sniping at the Sulzbergers?”

  • TVNewser’s Steve Krakauer reports, “FBN Dropped From Sirius XM”

  • TVNewser’s Chris Ariens asks you, “What Was the Biggest TV News Story of 2008?”

  • Vanity Fair presents, “Farewell to All That: An Oral History of the Bush White House”

  • Reporters Without Borders presents, “Press Freedom Round-up 2008”

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