Morning Reading List, 12.23.08

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It’s the birthday of Eddie Vedder and Harry Shearer. Tomorrow: Ylan Mui. Ryan Cunningham, Samantha Anderson, Marc Adelman and Jason Young all knew that yesterday’s picture was in Tracy Sefl’s bathroom. DailyCandy presents the Sweetest Things of 2008. Check out today’s White House Photo of the Day from Time. Today’s “Angry Journalist” rant of the day: “I’m not so much angry as I am annoyed. I can’t read anything anymore without editing it in my head. For the love of God, I just want to enjoy a book!”

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  • A release announced, “Aurelia Grayson has been named senior broadcast producer of NBC News ‘Nightly News with Brian Williams,’ it was announced today by ‘Nightly News’ executive producer Bob Epstein. Grayson, whose appointment is effective immediately, will assist Epstein with all aspects of the number-one rated evening news program.”

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  • A release announced, “USA TODAY, the nation’s top-selling newspaper and a leading online destination, today announced the availability of a USA TODAY application on the Apple App Store. ‘The USA TODAY application for iPhone and iPod touch is a great addition to our impressive suite of mobile products,’ said Matt Jones, director of Mobile Strategy and Operations. ‘The incredible capabilities of these devices are a natural fit for USA TODAY’s rich mobile-ready content and mobile audience.'”

  • E&P presents, “Our Annual Top 10 Newspaper Industry Stories of the Year”

  • reports, “Newspaper asset sales draw few buyers”

  • Politico’s Mike Allen reports, “The White House on Sunday issued a blistering 500-word response to a scathing 5,000-word article on the front page of Sunday’s New York Times that says President Bush and his style and philosophy of governing played a direct role in the mortgage meltdown that’s crippling the nation’s economy. The response accused the nation’s largest Sunday paper of ‘gross negligence.'”

  • Washington Post’s Deborah Howell presents, “Resolutions for a Better Post”

  • Kansas City Star’s Jason Whitlock says, “Newspapers are key to democracy”

  • New York Magazine reports, “New York Times Kills ‘Times File'”

  • His Extreme-ness says, “Farewell, Deborah Howell”

  • The Wall Street Journal reports, “McClatchy Shrs Fall To All-Time Low After Multi-Day Drop”

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  • B&C reports, “Fox News Tops Banner Year for Cable News”

  • TVWeek reports, “TV Industry Revenues Off 7% in 2008, Report Says”

  • The TV Guy reports, “Sunday morning programs generate news from Vice President Dick Cheney, Vice President-elect Joe Biden and Geraldine Ferraro”

  • Richard Prince reports, “Mark Griffith, the longtime journalist for CBS News who died Thursday in New York, succumbed to heart disease, officially ‘hypertensive, cardiovascular disease,’ the New York Medical Examiner’s office has ruled, a spokeswoman said Monday.”

  • Media Matters reports, “Chris Matthews’ interest in the Pennsylvania Senate seat currently held by Republican Arlen Specter raises the possibility of something that is all too rare among the nation’s media elite: accountability.”

  • The Washington Post looks at Washington’s Greenrooms.

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  • The Los Angeles Times reports, “Arianna Huffington shuttles between New York, home of the Huffington Post offices, and Los Angeles, where her youngest daughter is in high school. Her website had more than 8 million unique visitors in October, according to Nielsen, and she has a few things to say about 2008.”

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  • A tipster tells us that for your Mark Felt coverage, here are the two pieces The Washingtonian did in 1974 naming Felt as Deep Throat.

  • Mr. Magazine presents, “Richard Stengel on: TIME’s Person of the Year; the newsweeklies; and the future of print”

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  • The New York Times reports, “For Conservative Radio, It’s a New Dawn, Too”

  • reports, “Sirius Ending 2008 With 22% Less Staff”

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  • NiemanJournalismLab reports, “Citizen media: Not there yet”

  • The AP reports, “Obama’s election voted top news story of 2008”

  • MarketWatch’s Jon Friedman asks, “Will Obama become another Dubya with the media?”

  • Nieman Watchdog looks at “The changing truths of journalism”

  • Politico presents, “The top ten media blunders of 2008” and the readers’ response to the list.

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  • Sixth & I Historic Synagogue is looking for a Public Relations Professional.

  • World Resources Institute is looking for a Media Officer.

  • The Center for Independent Media is looking for a Grant Writer.

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