Morning Reading List 12.21.10

*Today, WaPo‘s D.C. Sports Blog both shocks and disgusts us with the following line in a story about NBA basketball player Gilbert Arenas that Dan Steinberg found in a 2008 Men’s Journal. “When I was new in the NBA the team veterans convinced me to shave, you know, down there, because they said the hair stinks,” Gilbert told the magazine. Steinberg says he thought the line was funny then, but not so much anymore. Read more.

*Improve your holiday season and don’t become an atheist with The Daily Caller advice columnist’s holiday playlist.

*In this review of the hot and a tad sleazy NYT wedding story from Sunday, Politics Daily‘s Annie Groer writes about the story’s aftermath. She writes, “Not surprisingly, there has been a firestorm of reader reaction, some outraged, some empathetic. It ranges from “Why does the Times glorify home-wrecking?” to gratitude for “the honest reflection” of two adults “who did not actually cheat on their spouses” to “Soul mates indeed…” Read here.