Morning Reading List, 12.09.08

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Good morning Washington.

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Tom Daschle is 61 today. Other birthdays: Terry Moran, Richard Wachtel, James Pindell. Lori A. Russo, Lila Merideth, Theola Labbe-DeBose, Tyler Hernandez and Marta Dehmlow all knew that yesterday’s picture was of Brasserie Beck. 23/6 asks, “Who is winded enough to replace Chris Matthews?” Yesterday was Lizzie O’Leary’s 33rd birthday. Check out today’s White House Photo of the Day from Time. Today’s “Angry Journalist” rant of the day: “i was just snapped at by a producer for not being ‘psychic.’ really.”

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  • Yesterday was Tracy Sefl’s last day at Glover Park Group. She is joining Navigators.

  • A release announced, “Alexandra Wallace will return to the NBC News executive team as senior vice president and Bob Epstein will become executive producer of ‘Nightly News with Brian Williams.’ The announcement was made today by NBC News President Steve Capus.”

  • A release announced, “Buzzwire, Inc. today announced that Greg Osberg, former Newsweek president and worldwide publisher, has joined the company as chief executive officer. Leveraging nearly three decades of experience in the interactive media and publishing industry, Osberg will drive Buzzwire’s strategy to capitalize on the explosive growth of the mobile Web. Andrew MacFarlane, founder and former CEO, will remain actively involved in the company in the role of chairman and chief product officer where he will continue to drive product strategy and delivery.”

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  • Erik Wemple shares his thoughts on the Sunday Source’s folding.

  • Politiker’s Rob Tornoe’s take on the newspaper biz: “Layoffs hit ‘The Daily Planet’ in Metropolis”

  • Politico’s Michael Calderone reports, “The New York Times, in a move to emphasize the distinctions between news and editorial content, plans on using more labels to differentiate between the two, as well as, create a joint Web unit answering to both the News and Editorial departments.”

  • The Guardian reports, “Little leads Guardian push into North America”

  • NPR reports, “‘N.Y. Times’ Editor: Good Journalism Is Not Cheap”

  • Chicago Tribune’s Steve Chapman is “Keeping calm about the Tribune’s bankruptcy”

  • Steven A. Smith, former editor of The Spokesman-Review, shares, “Hoyt and Howell and the lessons they taught me”

  • Washington Post’s Deborah Howell is “Making Sense of Science Reporting”

  • The Times Online reports, “Read all about it: newspapers are done for”

  • The Washington City Paper is “going the AIG route after all”

  • Politico’s Michael Calderone reports, “WaPo raising newsstand price to 75 cents”

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  • A release announced, “ABC News’ ‘Nightline’ placed first in the key A25-54 rating (1.6), tying NBC’s ‘The Tonight Show,’ according to Nielsen Media Research for the November 2008 sweep. This is the closest ABC has come to NBC among A25-54 actuals in a November sweep in 14 years.”

  • A release announced, “Headline News today announced that nationally syndicated radio show host and money coach Clark Howard will debut a new weekend program on Saturday, Jan. 3, 2009. Every week, Clark Howard will help viewers make smart financial decisions in all aspects of their lives as they face an increasingly dire economy. Howard’s mantra each show: Help viewers ‘save more, spend less and avoid getting ripped off!'”

  • Oprah Winfrey tops THR’s Power 100 List

  • The New York Observer reports, “ABC News Contemplates Job Cuts in the New Year”

  • The AP reports, “CBS News and BusinessWeek plan to collaborate on stories and segments to be broadcast on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric and appear in the magazine as well as on the companies’ Web sites.”

  • TVNewser reports, “Zucker on Layoffs: ‘I Think We’ve Taken the Necessary Steps'”

  • Washington Whispers reports, “CNN’s Political Anchor Wolf Blitzer Is Taking Weekends Off”

  • NotionsCapital looks at “New Heights for David Gregory”

  • The San Francisco Chronicle reports, “CNN looks to compete with Associated Press”

  • The Morning Call reports, “MSNBC: No contract yet with Chris Matthews”

  • TVNewser reports, “Matthews is Staying With (Or Leaving) MSNBC”

  • Politico’s Michael Calderone reports, “Now that CNN’s launching a four-hour programming block, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sundays, where does that leave ‘Reliable Sources,’ the media criticism show hosted by the Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz? New Sunday morning host John King, in an interview with Politico, said that “Reliable Sources” will remain in the fold, but said he wasn’t sure whether it will begin at 10 a.m. — as it does now — or 11 a.m.”

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  • A release announced, “November 2008 marked twelve consecutive months that achieved double digit traffic growth in unique visitors, page views and video views versus the same time the previous year. had 22.6 million uniques for the month, an increase of 56% compared with November 2007, according to ABC’s measurements.”

  • Celebrate Rachel Sklar’s birthday by making a drink sized donation to a charity.

  • Mediabistro presents, “How technology turbo-charged this year’s campaign reporting”

  • Pulitzer Prizes Broadened to Include Online-Only Publications Primarily Devoted to Original News Reporting

  • Wonkette and Powerline face-off over the biggest time suck since Frogger.

  • Dana Milbank’s latest chat raises some interesting questions:

      Lake Elmo, Minn.: Would you like to respond to the emerging controversy involving Washington Post National Political Reporter Shailagh Murray and yourself? You wrote that during Ted Stevens’ farewell to the senate speech that Ms Murray was ‘crying like a baby.’ When confronted last week with your observation Ms Murray replied — and I quote — ‘That is SO NOT TRUE.’ Concerning her ‘TRUE’ feelings towards Stevens, Murray went on to insist that ‘Money doesn’t impress me so I could care less.’ Over and above what this comment might suggest about Ms. Murray’s personal life, since you referred to yourself as getting “a bit misty eyed” over Stevens’ speech, was Murray obliquely suggesting that you are a person impressed by ‘Money?’

      Dana Milbank: An excellent question. Possibly my eyes were so misty that I thought Shailagh was crying but in fact she was having an allergy problem. In any event, I now weep openly for the loss of Ted Stevens and his shiatsu massage lounger.

      New York : Senator Chris Matthews. Chief of Staff, Dana Milbank? Has a ring to it, huh?

      Dana Milbank: The Washington Sketch wishes to go on the record emphatically in support of a Chris Matthews Senate campaign in Pennsylvania. Also a Terry McAuliffe gubernatorial campaign in Virginia. And a Hank Williams Jr. Senate campaign in Tennessee. That is my list for Santa.

  • has launched “Inauguration Central”. Check it out here.

  •’s World Section “launched a page that transforms the traditional newspaper presentation of world news. Using innovative technology, TimeSpace: World compiles all world news
    content from The Washington Post,, PostGlobal,
    Foreign Policy magazine, and partner sites including The Associated
    Press and Reuters onto one, customizable map.”

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  • Newsweek draws fire on gay marriage

  • A release announced, “Filling a public demand for thorough journalism, great writing and reasoned opinion, The Atlantic raises its rate base to 450,000 from 400,000 with the January 2009 issue. Throughout 2008, The Atlantic has delivered an average bonus of 10 percent. Additionally, subscriptions have outperformed budgeted direct mail response, and there has been an increase in online subscription sales.”

  • The Virginia Quarterly Review makes Time’s list of 10 Best Magazine Covers of the Year.

  • MediaWeek reports, “ASME Broadens Online Magazine Awards”

  • “A surge that is already underway in Afghanistan, a sharp rise in coca production in Colombia, and the release of harmful greenhouse gases during the manufacture of the newest solar panels are among FOREIGN POLICY magazine’s ‘Top 10 Stories You Missed in 2008.’ The annual list — compiled by the magazine’s editors — is available today exclusively on”

  • The Reliable Source reports, “Washington Life Gets an Obama Bump”

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  • reports, “The global financial crisis is hitting advertising harder than expected and 2009 will see no growth in worldwide marketing spending, according to ZenithOptimedia. The media buying division of Publicis Groupe slashed its 2009 forecasts, in data released today, with the greatest downward revisions in North American and European markets.”

  • Mark your calendars for “International News Coverage in a New Media World: The Decline of the Foreign Correspondent and the Rise of the Citizen Journalist” this Wednesday, December 10, 2008
    from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM at the Jack Morton Auditorium (805 21st Street, NW). For more info, click here.

  • Yeas and Nays reports, “That was actress Kate Beckinsale at the D.C. premiere of her new film, “Nothing but the Truth,” hosted by Capitol File on Thursday. The film is based loosely on the story of Judy Miller, who went to prison rather than reveal her source in the Valerie Plame leak case.”

  • Reuters reports, “Advertising executives cannot be blamed for writing off 2009 — distressed industries that rely heavily on marketing and promotion like automakers, banks and financial services have left them no choice.”

  • Washingtonian’s Harry Jaffe gets Dana Milbank’s take on President-elect Barack Obama.

  • The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press shows, “Dems Led in Campaign News Interest, Too”

  • reports, “Media Companies Cull 30,000 in Fight for Their Future”

  • Media “Giants Can Be Had for Bargain Prices, but Is It Worth Gambling? Ad Age Handicaps the Players”

  • Tina Brown writes, “The great media companies are laying off employees by the truckload. They ought to start with the feckless bureaucrats who are running the place”

  • The New York Times asks, “News Coverage of Climate Entering ‘Trance’?”

  • is “Taking stock of Mr. Murdoch.”

  • Washington Post reports, “George A. Peterson, 65, a retired vice president and director of educational media at the National Geographic Society who had a successful second career as an artist, died of a brain tumor Nov. 21 at his home in Washington.”

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  • The New Republic is looking for a Reporter-Researcher.

  • Submit your entry for “‘I am the future of journalism because…’ and put yourself in the running for a job offer with Publish2, plus a $1,000 signing bonus.”

  • “ — the online video journalism project of the Reason Foundation, the nonprofit publisher of this website — is seeking talented individuals interested in advancing the message of Free Minds and Free Markets through video journalism and related multimedia productions.”

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