Morning Reading List, 12.08.08

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Weekend birthdays: Hugo Gurdon, Maria Stainer, Eric Boehlert, Meg Reilly, Bennett Roth. Today: Rachel Sklar, Judd Legum. Thirty years ago today, Golda Meir passed away. 15 years ago, Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law. Most of you would vote for Arlen Specter over Chris Matthews. A year ago this weekend The Washington City Paper started its cuts. Kudos to Doug Heye for saying “ridiculous” on Fox News Saturday. Cold out? try this. “Arianna Huffington, the co-founder of the online news and opinion Web site The Huffington Post, is the 2008 Media Person of the Year, according to the annual election held by I Want Media.” DipNote asks, “Do you twitter? You can follow a diplomat in real-time and learn more about America’s public diplomacy by catching the ‘tweets’ of Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy Colleen Graffy.” TVNewser’s Gail Shister writes, “For a guy who has busted moves with Karl Rove and Mary J. Blige, David Gregory kept both feet on the ground today in his first interviews as moderator of NBC’s venerable ‘Meet the Press.’ In fact, Gregory’s stay-on-message answers were so vanilla, so predictable, they would have sparked a blaze of pointed follow-up questions from the White House press corps’ ‘firebrand in the front row.'” Politico’s The Arena asks, “What’s the best political book you’ve read in the past year? Bonus: Suggested reading for Bush in retirement and Obama in the White House.” Wonkette has tales from “A Robert Gibbs Party, And Then A Reason Party!” Check out today’s White House Photo of the Day from Time. Today’s “Angry Journalist” rant of the day: “I am just feeling really sad today. I miss it so much.”

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  • This week’s classes include Grammar, Punctuation, and Meaning and Intro to Copy Editing.


  • Marc Ambinder reports, “I’ve been a Clinton Kremlinologist for years, and although there are many armor-plated guardians of Clinton’s inner circle, Huma Abedin has been the toughest to crack. No exaggeration: with Clinton heading to State, Abedin is going to be a major force in American diplomacy for the next several years.”

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  • The New York Times’ Deal Book reports, “Tribune Hires Advisers to Help Stave Off Bankruptcy”

  • The New York Times reports, “Burdened by debt and a steep slide in advertising, McClatchy is said to have approached potential buyers for The Miami Herald.”

  • Matthew Yglesias calls this George Will column “strange”

  • TPM reports, “Everyone probably realizes that over the long run paper newspapers face a daunting threat from digital news sources that have vastly lower distribution costs (bytes versus paper) and a growing population of people who would rather get their news online than on paper. What probably isn’t clear to a lot of people is just how fast that change may be coming.”

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  • Inside Cable News calls David Gregory as “Meet” host “hot”

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  • Big Think presents, “Markos Moulitsas on Politics in the Digital Age”

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  • FishbowlNY reports, “Atlantic Publisher: Without ‘Life Beyond The Page,’ Mags Will Suffer”

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  • Margo Hammond and Ellen Heltzel present, “The First Lady’s Guide to Writing a Bestselling Memoir”

  • FishbowlNY reports, “Carl Bernstein: Bush ‘Straight Talk’ Book Would Sell”

  • GalleyCat tells us “How Facebook Could Help Publishers and Booksellers”

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  • Washington Whispers reports, “Scott McClellan to Robert Gibbs: Scrap the On-Camera White House Briefings”

  • Matthew Yglesias points out, “In an amusing moment yesterday, White House Press Secretary Dana Perino couldn’t remember why the White House opposes the Convention on Cluster Munitions that over 100 nations signed in Norway.” Yglesias has the video.

  • Washington Whispers reports, “Press in a Frenzy Over Obama Inauguration”

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  • FishbowlNY presents, “Media Stocks: The State of the Top 13”

  • USA Today’s Whitney Matheson presents, “51 things I miss about D.C.”

  • Luke Russert spoke with “Jared Cohen, who is a member of the Secretary of State’s Policy Planning staff and organized the” Alliance of Youth Movements Summit in New York City.

  • TPM reports, “CNN says missile defense test today was a big failure. Reuters says it was a smashing success.”

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  • CommonSense Media Inc. is looking for a Primary Ad Trafficker.

  • Restore Media, LLC is looking for an Online Advertising Salesperson.

  • Kellen Company is looking for a Nutrition Communications Manager.

  • SourceMedia is looking for an Associate Editor.

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