Morning Reading List 12.02.09


jack and sus2.jpgGood morning FishbowlDC! A very happy anniversary to one of Fishbowl’s fav. couples, Jack and Susanna Quinn.

What we know and what we’re reading this Wednesday, the 2nd day of December…



“TVandPC”: After a few months of testing, Nielsen is ready to officially roll out a combined measurement for internet and TV viewing though its People Meters.


There’s an intriguing idea floating around the media: Microsoft Corp. wants to undercut Google so badly in Internet search that it might pay newspapers to withhold their content from Google.

“Up to 290 WSJ reporters would be jobless if site had gone free,” says Managing Editor Robert Thomson.


Arianna Huffington used her 25 minutes at the FTC’s “How Will Journalism Survive The Internet Age?” conference to take News Corp (NYSE: NWS) CEO Rupert Murdoch and his executives to task.

Media execs make case for online fees at FTC panel.

The WSJ takes a look at the dark side of ‘webtribution.’


An Iraqi man famous for throwing shoes at US President George W Bush in 2008 has come under fire in a similar attack.

While administrations come and go, and power in Congress teeters between political parties, one thing remains constant in the lives of Washington, D.C.’s, elite: the power lunch.

h/t to Daniel Lippman.