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45 years ago, Jack Ruby shot and mortally wounded Lee Harvey Oswald. 137 years ago, the NRA was incorporated. 83 years ago, William F. Buckley, Jr. was born. Ten years ago, America Online confirmed it was buying Netscape Communications. Ron Dellums is 73. Marlin Fitzwater is 66. Dan Glickman is 64. Your favorite pair of children is the Obama daughters over the Bush twins. Paul Singer, Amanda R. Terkel, Ashish Sen, Lizzie Nolan, Shawn Westfall, Craig Brownstein, John Taylor, Lisa Salerno, Jane Chick, Kathleen O’Malley, John Yang, Laura Cavender, Jon Ebinger and Dennis Junius all guessed that Friday’s picture was of Coppi’s Organic Restaurant on U St. FishbowlLA asks, “Who Will Be the Next Tim Russert?” FamousDC presents the John Stanton edition of “What Happens to Political Reporters Post Election?” Just in time for Christmas, Amazon has “The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging“. Check out today’s White House Photo of the Day from Time. Today’s “Angry Journalist” rant of the day: “I’m angry that my daily newspaper reporting job makes me feel like a loser. My bosses don’t help.”

There is a lot of back and forth on Friday’s post on “Woodward Knocks Clinton SoS Choice“. Check out the back and forth here.

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  • This week’s classes include Intro to Magazine Writing, Intro to Public Relations and Personal Essay Writing.


  • Washington Post reports, “British communications giant Brunswick Group is opening a Washington office headed by Hilary Rosen and her thick Rolodex of Democratic power players, which Brunswick hopes will be valuable as corporations seek to do business with a Democratic administration and Congress.”

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  • PBS MedisShift asks, “Should Newspapers Become Online Ad Brokers for Local Businesses?”

  • Bloomberg reports, “Wall Street Journal Invades News York Times’ Ad Turf”

  • A Kaiser/Pew Study reveals, “Network Evening News and Newspapers Devote More Coverage to Health than Online News, Talk Radio and Cable Television News”

  • The AP reports, “AP lifts ban on military photos”

  • Politico’s Michael Calderone reports, “Baquet names NYT’s White House team”

  • The AP reports, “Associated Press staff to shrink 10 pct, CEO says”

  • E&P asks, “Newspapers Make a Killing Selling Obama ‘Trinkets’ — Ethically Wrong?”

  • Washington Post’s Deborah Howell looks into the “The Traits of a Good Reporter”

  • The New York Times’ Clark Hoyt gets some reader reaction on “The Ethics of Using Young Sources”

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  • PBS Ombudsman Michael Getler writes, “Two programs on PBS last week revived some ghosts; memories of people and events of years past that might still have relevance these days. In one case, that possibility made a few viewers wonder whether airing such a documentary at this time was a mistake.”

  • TVNewser has reaction from John Roberts’ decision to go tie-less during American Morning.

  • B&C reports, “The Washington Post had a story Friday about how cable news channels were seeing serious declines in viewers now that the election is over. While it is no surprise that news channels would lose viewers after a very long (and extensively covered) election, the raw numbers don’t always tell the whole story.”

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  • The Times Online reports, “Arianna Huffington looks set to cement her position as the Queen of Capitol Hill in the next few days. The Times has learnt that the Huffington Post, her influential political website, will confirm within the next week that it has completed a $15 million (£10 million) fundraising from investors. The money will finance the expansion of HuffPo, as it is known, into the provision of local news across the United States and into more investigative journalism. And it will ensure that Ms Huffington’s influence continues to spread across the US political scene.”

  • TVWeek reports, “C-SPAN’s Lamb Says Web Is News’ Future”

  • MediaWeek reports, “Web Still Growing Despite Recession”

  • The Mercury News reports, “Web video developing into cable alternative”

  • reports, “HuffPo Finishing On $20M Round”

  • His Extreme-ness reveals who pens FamousDC.

  • FiveThirtyEight has “listed a series of prominent, politically-oriented websites, and compared them on their ability to retain traffic in the post-election environment.”

  • Politico’s Michael Calderone reports, “Salon cuts nine staffers”

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  • The New Republic reports on “Obama’s secret plan to muzzle talk radio. Very, very secret.”

  • NotionsCapital reports, “Broadcast Bluegrass Returns — in Reston”

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  • AJR reports, “John McCain more than earned his negative coverage.”

    The House Radio-TV Gallery would like for you to come out of the closet. “Now that colder weather is upon us, there is a need to clear space in the Gallery closet for coats. Please lay claim to and remove any of the jackets or other items of clothing currently in the closet that may belong to you. Any items not removed by Monday, December 1st will be donated to charity.”

  • One reporter tells us about his “Reporter lands a turkey of a story”

  • The Australian reports, “Keith Rupert Murdoch, 77, has steered his global media empire through many shifts in the business cycle. As the world enters another major slowdown, the tough lessons learned in the last big downturn have put him and his company in a good position to take advantage of the turbulence ahead.”

  • The Washington Post reports, “Barack Obama was famously able to impose discipline and control over his presidential campaign, but it didn’t take long for him to discover that running a transition is something quite different. Top aides to the president-elect had hoped to take a methodical approach to selecting and unveiling their new team, starting with the announcements of top national security and economic players shortly after Thanksgiving. But leaks and rumors have disrupted that plan, suggesting that the ‘no-drama Obama’ mantra famously repeated by his staff may not be as operational in Washington as it was at campaign headquarters in Chicago.”

  • The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life reports, “How the News Media Covered Religion in the General Election”

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  • Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive is looking for a Director of Sales.

  • Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive is looking for a Sales Account Manager.

  • AAMC, The Association of American Medical Colleges, is looking for a Staff Editor.

  • The Washington Times is seeking a Page Designer.

  • A Washington, D.C. publication is looking for a copy editor.

  • JBS International, Inc. is looking for a Writer/Editor.

  • Campaigns & Elections’ Politics magazine is looking for an Assistant Editor and a Web Producer.

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