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CNN’s John Roberts celebrates a birthday today. Prince Charles is 60 today. Boutros Boutros-Ghali is 86 and was born on the same day that The British Broadcasting Corp. began its domestic radio service. P.J. O’Rourke is 61. Condoleezza Rice is 54. It is close, but you think the Obama kids should go to private schools. The sad demise of Rolling Stone continues: They failed to include Eddie Vedder on its list of rocks’ 100 best singers. Were YOU at the Press Club last night for the McClatchy bureau’s farewell bash? FishbowlLA points out, “That is the current President of the United States George W. Bush, the one that was going to restore dignity to the White House — doing the ‘shocker’ hand gesture with the ASU track team.” Portfolio’s Mixed Media reports, “It’s Unanimous: Barack Is a Lock for ‘Time’ POY”. Check out today’s White House Photo of the Day from Time. Today’s “Angry Journalist” rant of the day: “Life of an ex-journalist, Part VI: I had Veterans Day off as a paid holiday. Spent it with my family. First time that’s happened since joining the profession in 1983. I liked it.”

Today’s FishbowlDC comment of the day (with regards to Wednesday’s post on “What’s Next For XM’s POTUS 08?“: Reader bs61014 writes, “I am going to miss Rebecca Roberts. I enjoyed 1600, and I enjoyed her interviews. I also enjoyed her banter with Caille Milner on Mondays.” Keep the FishbowlDC discussion going by dropping your comments here.

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  • Reuters reports, “S&P cuts Tribune’s ratings deeper into junk”

  • FamousDC tries to answer the question, “What Happens to Political Reporters Post Election?”

  • The Washington City Paper’s Housing Complex reports, “The entire newspaper is consolidating onto one floor — the top floor — of our building in Adams Morgan. Thus, editorial is moving upstairs. And a new tenant will be taking over our old collection of cubes.”

  • E&P reports, “Obama Front Pages Spark Newseum’s Busiest Web Week”

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  • A release announced, “For the historic election week of November 3, 2008, ABC News’ ‘Nightline’ beat CBS’ ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ and NBC’s ‘Tonight Show’ among both Total Viewers (5.73 million) and Adults 25-54 (2.63 million) according to Nielsen Media Research. This marks the first time since the week of December 3, 2007, when ‘Nightline’ outperformed its competitors in both demos (during that December ’07 week, both NBC and CBS were airing repeats as a result of the writers’ strike.) The last time ‘Nightline’ beat both competitors’ first-run programming among both Total Viewers and A25-54, was during the week of March 23, 1998 (That Monday ‘Nightline’ followed the highest rated Academy Awards broadcast in history).”

  • A release announced, “According to Nielsen Media Research data, ‘Meet the Press’ was the most-watched Sunday morning public affairs program, winning the week ending Sunday, Nov. 9, 2008. The Brokaw-moderated program was No. 1, averaging 4.485 million total viewers”

  • TVNewser reports, “Brokaw Talks MTP, ‘Controlled Substances’ on Conan”

  • ICN has “Shepard Smith on media ‘bias’ regarding Obama…”

  • TVNewser reports, “Meet the Press is poised to finish first both nationally and in the nation’s capital last Sunday, but Fox News Sunday scored its best ratings ever in Washington, DC last weekend (*with the exception of a 3.7 rating during a two-hour show the Sunday after 9/11/01).”

  • The New York Observer reports, “In recent months, bad news in the financial world has translated into big news for CNBC, and big news is good news for a 24-hour cable news network. With national interest in financial news at a fever pitch, the business news network has been posting its highest ratings in its 19-year history. And now, owner GE is rewarding them with … budget cuts!”

  • The Council for the National Interest Foundation announced in an email to supporters, “Our goal is to continue to make a difference on Capitol Hill and the American public, and with the help from supporters such as you we are about to make headlines! Since their arrival in the Middle East the CNI Political Pilgrimage Participants have met with several members Hamas and Hezbollah; most notably Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah. CNI was able to conduct a 90 minute sit down interview with Hamas Leader Halik Mashaal. Mashaal pointed out three ways Obama could have peace in the Middle East. The footage was filmed a CNI’s independent journalist and we are in the process of handing the footage over to CNN!”

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  • NiemanJournalismLab reports, “Len Downie: Online standards should match print standards”

  • A release announced, “, the award-winning one-stop destination for inspirational news stories, marks its second anniversary today by launching its own branded social network hosted on the Ning platform. The Social Network, located at, gives Daryn’s users a chance to share their own stories with Daryn, as well as the rest of the thousands of users who visit each week. This social network will also serve as a forum for sharing ideas, experiences and inspiration.”

  • The AP reports, “After banning YouTube, military launches TroopTube”

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  • ValleyWag reports, “Nick Denton: ‘Publishers are sleeping their way to extinction'”

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  • A release from Culture and Media Institute announced, “Network coverage of the victory of California’s Proposition 8 has focused principally on the supposed denial of rights to homosexuals, rather than the public affirmation that marriage is between a man and a woman. Last Tuesday, California voters upheld traditional marriage by approving Prop. 8, the ballot measure that overturned a state Supreme Court decision granting same-sex couples the right to marry. Though the victory of a socially conservative ballot initiative in a very liberal state, in a very liberal year, is a major story, the networks have preferred to focus on the homosexuals protesting the will of the people.”

  • The Wall Street Journal reports, “Bringing an end to another chapter of AOL’s long running saga over its alleged revenue inflation during its merger with Time Warner, securities fraud charges against former AOL executive John Tuli were dropped earlier this month.”

  • Variety reports, “Media’s mind still on Barack Obama”

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  • Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive-Foreign Policy is looking for an Art Director.

  • SmartBrief, Inc. is looking for an Account Executive.
  • Congressional Quarterly is looking for a Legislative Researcher.

  • Congressional Quarterly is looking for an Assistant Documents Editor.

  • Freedom House is looking for a Managing Editor (Iran Programs).

  • The Advisory Board Company is looking for a Multimedia Assoc Editor

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