Morning Reading List 11.06.12.


1. A chat between Ponnuru and Carlson: National Review senior editor Ramesh Ponnuru and Bloomberg‘s Margaret Carlson discuss what happens when the election is over in a story for Bloomberg View. Ponnuru: “I’m not going to miss this campaign at all.” Carlson: “Sane people will wake up Wednesday morning as if so much is finally settled. I will wake up depressed.” Read here.

2. Post-election bliss: Politico‘s Patrick Gavin takes a look at what political reporters will be doing once the election is over. Slate’s Dave Weigel will be getting the “m” key on his computer fixed. MSNBC’s S.E. Cupp will be hunting deer. Who will head to spa and reduce caffeine intake? Read more.

See our third pick…3. Put up your dukes: NYT‘s Jeremy Peters writes on the high tensions between MSNBC and Fox News. He writes, “The partisan bitterness on cable news has never been as stark — and in some ways, as silly or small.” He also explains the lengths reporters from NBC must go to in order to explain away their connection to MSNBC. Read here.