Morning Reading List, 10.31.07

morningsun.gifHappy Halloween Washington!

  • Dressing up isn’t so much your thing.

  • Bloomberg reports, “Sirius Satellite Radio Inc., the pay-radio company buying larger rival XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc., reported a narrower third-quarter loss as the number of subscribers increased.”

  • Tech Crunch reports, “, which wants to become the C-SPAN of the Web, closed a $2 million seed round from Adobe Ventures and Will Hearst.”

  • New York Times reports, “The residential real estate market may be troubled, but property-focused Web sites are still attracting visitors and investors., a popular real estate blog network with sites in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, has obtained $1.5 million in financing to expand into new cities and add staff members. According to Lockhart Steele, the network’s publisher, traffic is growing 10 percent a month and the site is drawing national advertisers.”

  • Chris Stirewalt, the political editor for a six-station television network in West Virginia and former political editor of the Charleston Daily Mail, will be joining the DC Examiner as Maryland Editor next Monday.

  • Folio reports, “In a keynote presentation entitled ‘What Magazines Can Learn from TV’ at the American Magazine Conference here, Beth Comstock, NBC’s president of integrated media, said that in terms of online video consumption, daytime is the new primetime, and digital content producers must embrace change in media consumption habits to survive.”

  • FishbowlNY is in Boca Raton covering the American Magazine Conference. Check out today’s coverage here, here and here.

  • Wonkette writes, “Ever wonder what goes into Washingtonian’s Power 150: People Who Make Things Happen? Is it total bullshit, or just partly? We asked a former Washingtonian editor for an inside peek. And TIME 100 it is not. After the jump, an insider tells all.”

  • Wall Street Journal reports, “Google Inc. is close to unveiling its long-planned strategy to shake up the wireless market, people familiar with the matter say. The Web giant’s ambitious goal: to make applications and services as accessible on cellphones as they are on the Internet”

  • DCRTV reports, “Ronny Thompson joins Comcast SportsNet as a Washington Wizards and college basketball analyst.”

  • Reuters reports, “Internet media company Yahoo Inc said on Tuesday it is adding media-playing features, large file transfers, new languages and other tools to its instant messaging service.

  • TVNewser presents 5 Questions to Dave Marash, “a Washington-based anchor for Al Jazeera English, joining the network from ABC’s Nightline.”

  • Wall Street Journal reports, “Meebo Inc., a Silicon Valley start-up aiming to morph from a Web-instant-messaging company into a general-purpose media company, will open its Web site to software developers, throwing it into possible competition with the likes of Facebook Inc. and Google Inc.”

  • Los Angeles Times reports, “Landlords often enter into exclusive deals with cable companies, leaving apartment dwellers with about as much say in who provides their pay television as they do in their building’s color — that is, none. Now federal regulators are poised to invalidate those contracts as soon as Wednesday in hopes that competition from phone companies that are rolling out TV services will drive down prices.”

  • reports, “It’s bad enough when a company has to lay off employees, but screwing up the announcement of the bad news just adds insult to injury. AOL, which has never been a shining example of how to communicate with people inside or outside the company, told employees in an Oct. 15 e-mail that 20 percent of them will lose their jobs over the next few months. The New York Times obtained a copy of the memo and posted it on one of the newspaper’s online blogs the same day.”

  • Portfolio’s Mixed Media reports,Rick Smith is stepping down after 24 years as editor in chief of Newsweek. He’s also relinquishing his CEO title, which he’s held for 16 years, but will hang onto his chairman post.”

  • We have some strays to this post:

    • “Other than my pets? I have this great old picture. My great grandmother, grandmother, mom and me. I was an infant, and only one such picture exists. Do I still have time to grab my laptop, too? I’m spry, I’m quick….”

    • “Important papers, to prove that I really existed!”

  • Wonkette goes after the GW kids (well, they did sorta threaten to “take action” against the site).

  • TVNewser reports, “Sources tell TVNewser the Alexis Debat affair at ABC News is not over yet, at least in some ABC News corners.”

  • Media Matter’s Eric Boehlert writes, “Did you notice the contrasting media responses to comedian Stephen Colbert’s announcement that he plans to get his factually-challenged TV namesake on both the Democratic and Republican ballots for the South Carolina presidential primary? The mainstream Beltway press could barely contain its glee as it cheered the stunt on, lavishing all sorts of media attention on Colbert, and basking in the entertainment industry glow that his act brought to the White House campaign trail.”

  • Bloomberg reports, “Gannett Co. acquired a 50 percent stake in Tribune Co.’s Metromix network of local entertainment Web sites, expanding the Internet ties between the two largest U.S. newspaper publishers.”

  • DCRTV reports, “WAMU’s ‘The Diane Rehm Show’ is one of the ten “most powerful” programs in public radio. The show, a fixture on the DC radio dial for 28 years, was so designated by Audience Research Analysis, which defines “power” as the ability of a program to draw listeners both to a station and also away from its competitors.”

  • TVNewser reports, “Staged News Conference Flare-Up”


  • NPR is looking for a Supervising Senior Producer, All Things Considered.

  • The Associated Press is looking for an APTN-Newsperson.

  • The Pew Charitable Trusts is looking for a Project Manager, Communications, Pew Food Safety.

  • CBS News Today is looking for an Administrative Assistant.

  • Bisnow on Business is looking for a Tech Reporter/Writer.

  • Platts is looking for an Associate Editor/Reporter.

  • The Washington Blade is looking for a News Reporter.

  • BizBash Media is looking for a Bureau Chief for Event Industry Magazine.

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