Morning Reading List, 10.13.08

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115 strong at the gig of Suspicious Package on Friday. Suspicious Package: Bloomberg’s Tim Burger (bass guitar), WaPo’s Tom Toles (drums, vocals), LATimes’ Josh Meyer (lead guitar, vocals), HUD’s Bryan Greene (rhythm guitar, vocals) and USTR’s Christina Sevilla (keyboards, vocals)Hotel. Bob Schieffer: I’m an original “Sex in the City” fan. Will we see Gov. Palin on SNL? Today is the birthday of Michael Lemonick and Paul Williams. You think Obama won last week. Check out today’s White House Photo of the Day from Time. Today’s “Angry Journalist” rant of the day: “I’m frustrated I’ll never be able to get another job, will be stuck in slave-wage journalism forever”

Today’s FishbowlDC comment of the day (with regards to Thursday’s post on “Pew Survey: Press Is Too Hard On Palin“: Reader eg2406 writes, “Looks like an Acorn field worker weighs in.” Keep the FishbowlDC discussion going by dropping your comments here.

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  • This week’s classes include Get Your Book Published, Intro to Travel Writing and Novel Writing: Advanced.


  • E&P’s Greg Mitchell writes, “Love her or hate her, you have to admit, at least Sarah Palin tells us what she really feels. In contrast, David Brooks’ dishonesty is frightening.”

  • Clark Hoyt: “Urgent Issues, Buried in the Mud

  • Media Daily News reports, “Metro Newspapers Eliminate Key Sections”

  • Deborah Howell: “To Some Readers, Bias on Display

  • WaPo: “The number of foreign journalists in Baghdad is declining sharply, a media withdrawal that reflects Iraq’s growing stability and the financial strains faced by some news organizations.”

  • Linda Greenhouse, legendary New York Times reporter looks back on three decades chronicling the Supreme Court

  • USA Today price rising to $1 on newsprint costs

  • E&P asks, “Newspapers Weigh Alternatives to AP: But Do They Add Up?”

  • Anne Hull’s 2008 Elijah Lovejoy Convocation Address

  • Portfolio’s Mixed Media reports, “Here’s one of the more surprising bylines to pop up on the Huffington Post recently: Daniel Okrent. As former public editor of The New York Times, Okrent was in charge of policing the Newspaper Of Record for bias; now he’s cheering on Barack Obama in the preferred town square of online liberals. According to his Huffpo bio, Okrent ‘is thrilled he no longer has to be impartial.'”

  • James Mustich, Editor-in-Chief of the Barnes & Noble Review, has an email conversation with Bob Woodward.

  • Romenesko has “Associated Press’ memo to staff” in which “AP tells staffers it’s on solid footing”

  • Politico reports, “As the McCain campaign has launched a full-scale assault on Barack Obama’s relationship to ’60s radical William Ayers, vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin has explained the timing this way: The New York Times made us do it.”

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  • A release announced, “CBS News has begun the 2008-09 television season on a high note with strong ratings growth at several broadcasts.” Among the highlights are Face that Nation had “double-digit percentage increases in all key measures last Sunday (5): up +33% in households, +43% in viewers and +43% in adults 25-54” and “season-to-date: largest across-the-board gains of all Sunday morning public affairs programs: up +33% in households, +44% in viewers and +43% in adults 25-54. (The program’s broadcast times are subject to disruption in many Mountain and West Coast markets from September through January due to live coverage of the National Football League.)”

  • ABC’s Tom Nagorski: The Bus Stalls in Iowa.

  • MediaWeek reports, “Obama Buys Half-Hour of Network Prime”

  • Ken Vogel spots Chris Matthews back-patting in Pennsylvania.

  • reports, “Bob Schieffer on deck for last debate”

  • Salon tells us “How the election ate daytime television”

  • Nielsen announced, “Sen. Barack Obama will be the first candidate to run a half-hour paid political simulcast on national television since Ross Perot ran a series of 15 political telecasts during the 1992 presidential election.”

  • Reuters reports, “Comcast Corp, the largest U.S. cable operator, is offering special deals of free television for a year in a bid to win new subscribers ahead of a government-mandated digital TV switch-over on February 17.”

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  • CNN announced, “The Political Ticker — the No. 1 political news blog according to Nielsen Online — garnered 3.5 million page views on Tuesday, Oct. 7, which is a 26% increase vs. the benchmark. On October 8, the day after the debate, The Political Ticker broke its all-time daily traffic record with 9.5 million page views. This latest milestone trumps the Political Ticker’s previous all-time record of 2.7 million daily page views, which occurred on the Friday preceding the Democratic National Convention.”

  • The Big Money asks, “Everybody wants to know how Twitter will make millions. But what if it doesn’t want to grow up?”

  • Washingtonian talks to Politico’s James Kotecki.

  • AFP reports, “Web traffic jam as people search for financial news”

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  • Rachel Sklar: “The Ridiculous Newsweek Cover Kerfuffle

  • CityFile New York reports, “Conde Nast has devoted an enormous sum to launch its new business title, Portfolio: While initial estimates pegged the cost at $100 million, it was recently reported that the media conglomerate may be planning to spend $150 million to get the magazine off the ground.”

  • Campaign articles from Newsweek become e-books for Amazon Kindle

  • David Granger addresses “Why After 75 Years, Esquire Endorsed a Presidential Candidate”

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  • Press & Dakotan reports, “Overby Accepts Neuharth Journalism Award”

  • Campus Progress answers “Why presidential debates have become more like bi-partisan press conferences.”

  • SAJA Forum is “Catching up with Tunku Varadarajan, writer provocateur”

  • The Examiner takes “A look into journalism’s future”

  • Publishing 2.0 reports, “Will Algorithms Make Human Editors Obsolete? Not If Journalists Collaborate”

  • The AP reports, “Analyst says entertainment stocks well positioned for downturn but outlook remains uncertain”

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  • Foreign Policy Magazine is looking for an Editorial Researcher (Unpaid Internship).

  • Express is looking for an Editorial Designer.

  • SourceMedia is looking for a Managing Editor.

  • The Advisory Board Company is looking for a Multimedia Assoc Editor.

  • TeamPeople is looking for a Production Manager.

  • SourceMedia is looking for an Editor/Writer, Employee Benefit Advisor

  • NAA is looking for a Staff Writer.

  • Media Research Center is looking for an Associate Producer, Content,

  • AAAS is looking for a Marketing Manager and a Marketing Associate II.

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