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84 years ago, Truman Capote was born. 81 years ago, Babe Ruth hit his 60th home run that season. 53 years ago, James Dean died. 26 years ago, “Cheers” debuted on NBC. Elie Wiesel is 80 today. Blanche Lincoln is 48. Get buying for tomorrow’s birthday boys: Jeremy Lott and Ben Pershing. You think that Sen. John McCain won Friday’s debate. Tim Taylor and Katie Smith both of Roll Call had birthdays on Sunday. It’s the one year anniversary of Peter Cherukuri and Emily Lenzner. Check out today’s White House Photo of the Day from Time. Today’s “Angry Journalist” rant of the day: “I’m angry because my writers have shit for brains, the upper echelon editors can’t be bothered to tell me when they’ve stolen my staff, my boss pretends he’s trying to get us more help, and as time goes on I see fewer opportunities for myself, not more. I can’t wait to flee this shitty industry as soon as I figure out how. God. Damn. I. Loathe. This. Job.”

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  • A release announced, “Retired Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honore, best known for his service as commander of Joint Task Force Katrina in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina three years ago, has joined CNN as the emergency preparedness contributor to CNN Worldwide, it was announced by Nancy Lane, senior vice president of newsgathering for CNN/U.S. He appeared on CNN most recently amid the network’s coverage of Hurricane Ike”

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  • AJR looks at “The Elite Newspaper of the Future”

  • NewsBusters reports, “WaPo Ombud Accidentally Reveals Paper’s Double Standard”

  • Politico’s Michael Calderone reports, “McCain camp: ‘NYT’s gambling away credibility'”

  • The Detroit News reports, “Famed political journalist Bob Woodward is making an unusual pit stop on his circuit of speaking engagements. The Pulitzer Prize-winning writer who’s reporting on the Watergate Scandal helped topple the Nixon administration in the 1970s is scheduled to deliver the keynote address at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons annual meeting in Chicago on Nov. 1.”

  • Politico reports, “WaPo looks for next ombudsman”

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  • FNC & CNN Share Ratings Victories for First Presidential Debate

  • An ABC release announced, “ABC’s coverage of the first presidential debate on Friday, September 26 averaged 11.04 million Total Viewers, a 4.1 among Adults 25-54, and a 3.5 among Adults 18-49. ABC grew its Total Viewing audience from its lead-in by 60% among Total Viewers, 71% among Adults 25-54, and by 106% among Adults 18-49. Compared to the last time a presidential debate aired on a Friday night (10/8/2004), ABC News grew its Total Viewing debate audience by 10% (11.04 million from 10.05 million), its Adult 25-54 audience by 11% (4.1 from 3.7) and its Adult 18-49 audience by 17% (3.5 from 3.0).”

  • In reintroduction, Palin to do more interviews and ‘tell her story’

  • A release announced, “RCN Corporation (NASDAQ: RCNI), a leading provider of digital television, data, and voice services to residential, business and commercial/carrier customers, announced that dramatic change is coming this election year to Washington, D. C. The ‘change’ that RCN is referring to is known as Project Analog Crush. RCN is reclaiming analog spectrum and converting it to All-Digital in the Washington, D.C. area for all Cable TV customers next month. This move enables RCN to improve the picture quality, make the network easier to maintain, and dramatically increase the number of Standard Definition and High Definition (HD) channels it can offer to subscribers.”

  • FOX Business Network announced that the network “will have live coverage of the Vice Presidential Debate and post-analysis from 9pm ET-11pm ET on Thursday, October 2nd. The coverage and analysis will be anchored by FBN’s Neil Cavuto.”

  • The FNC coverage of the debate will include The O’Reilly Factor, 8:00 to 8:50PM ET, America’s Election HQ Vice Presidential Debate, 8:50 to 11:15PM ET, Hannity & Colmes, 11:15 to Midnight ET and On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, Midnight to 1AM ET.

  • A RCN release announced, “RCN Corporation (NASDAQ: RCNI), a leading provider of digital television, data, and voice services to residential, business and commercial/carrier customers, announced today that the company received its third consecutive Thoth Award for Investor Relations at the Public Relations Society of America National Capital Chapter’s 40th Annual Awards Dinner at the Hotel Monaco in Washington, D.C. PRSA-NCC is the largest Public Relations Society of America chapter in the country with nearly 1,300 members”

  • reports, “The Wall Street week ended Friday afternoon but Fox Business Network kept going all weekend covering the national financial crisis and the efforts down in Washington to pass a bailout bill. Fox Business Channel carried live at 12:20 a.m. ET Sunday an update by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Congressional leaders on the status of the bailout bill, which could be tentatively approved as early as Sunday night or Monday. FBN’s coverage of that was simulcast on Fox News Channel, the first time in the channels’ history that they have carried the same feed.”

  • Media Matters reports, “In the two days since Friday’s debate, a few separate themes in media coverage have emerged. First, several media outlets have been promoting the concept (and, in doing so, echoing a McCain ad released the night of the debate,) that Sen. Obama was ‘agreeing’ with Sen. McCain frequently during the debate. In the below item, we provide evidence that many of these ‘agreements’ were in the context of larger criticisms.” Check it out here, here and here.

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  • Nielsen Mobile announced, “Already, much has been said of the Obama campaign’s use of mobile marketing. Last month the campaign sent a text message to 2.9 million mobile phones announcing Joe Biden as Senator Obama’s pick for vice president, as estimated by Nielsen Mobile. Additionally, the Obama campaign has a full mobile website containing news, videos and ringtone and wallpaper downloads. Meanwhile, the McCain campaign has not been as active in mobile media, but that may make sense. Perhaps the McCain campaign knows that, in 2008, mobile is a more effective channel for reaching Democrats than Republicans.”

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  • GalleyCat talks to Mark Batterson, “author of Wild Goose Chase, his second Christian inspirational book with Random House’s Multnomah division.”

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  • CMI’s latest study shows, “‘Character’ the Most Important Issue in the Presidential Primary Debates”

  • A tipster sent us this: “An actual request for expert analysis: Psychologists wanted for Palin story Category: General Name: Daphne White Email: Title: Freelancer Media Outlet/Publication: Major Daily Newspaper Anonymous? No Specific Geographic Region? No Region: National Deadline: 5:00 PM EASTERN — October 2 Query: ‘Psychologically (NOT politically) speaking: What makes Sarah Palin such a polarizing figure? How is it that she hooks into people (especially women) so strongly? Does she show signs of having borderline personality disorder or narcissistic personality disorder? Is that why women have such a strong emotional response to her? I would particularly like to hear from therapists whose female clients have been discussing Palin in their therapy. Also, do you have clients who are strong Obama supporters while their husbands are for McCain Palin? How is that affecting their marriage? Short emails are fine: I will be conducting phone interviews.'”

  • The deadline to apply for the Society of Professional Journalists Reporters Institute is midnight tonight. For more info, click here.

  • Mediabistro is hosting a seminar on “Personal Branding Redefined” with Julia Allison, Loren Feldman, and Gary Vee on Tuesday, October 7, 7:00-8:30 pm at 92Y Tribeca, 200 Hudson Street in New York. For more info, click here.

  • Reporter News reports, “The world of journalism is changing, Washington Post reporter Hamil R. Harris told a group of Abilene Christian University students Friday, but good stories will always have a place.”

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  • CEO Update is looking for a Versatile Reporter/Writer.

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