Morning Reading List 09.18.12.

1. Media bias at a glance: Is WaPo‘s Ezra Klein angling for a job at No, not so much. But late Monday afternoon, he published a post with a headline sure to at least initially draw the ire of his conservative compatriots: “The media is biased and so are you.” The story addresses the idea that reporters have great incentive to keep campaign stories provocative enough to keep the reader coming back for more. He writes that there’s a certain natural propensity to root for the underdog candidate. He even has a study to prove it. Read here.

2. A special blend of “news”: From special panda Twitter updates to murder to great horse trails to explore, Washingtonian has it all.

3. The Charmer: Just before 2 a.m. this morning, The Atlantic‘s James Fallows published a quick post on the media that won’t disrupt your already nonexistent attention span. He uses a WaPo headline to explain a complex point regarding the “ongoing struggles of the journalism biz to convey what reporters think is actually happening while trying not to seem opinionated.” Fallows’ headline: “Forgive me for finding this charming.”