Morning Reading List, 09.18.06

  • From Slate’s “Today’s Papers“:

      Was the title confusing to you, too? A correction from today’s Post: “The Sept. 15 Weekend section incorrectly indicated that the movie ‘This Film is Not Yet Rated’ is rated NC-17. It is unrated.”

  • From The Miami Herald:

      Nationally and internationally known journalists for English-language newspapers and magazines have “for many, many years” received payment from the U.S. government to appear on Voice of America radio programs, El Nuevo Herald reports in today’s edition.

      Among them have been a nationally syndicated columnist, a former opinion page director for The Washington Times and the Washington bureau chief for the Hartford Courant of Connecticut. …

      “I do not cover the State Department or the Pentagon or any governmental agency,” David Lightman, the Hartford Courant’s Washington bureau chief, told El Nuevo Herald. “Second, they pay me very little, and they pay me because I am a professional and they remunerate me for my time. In general, I do not cover the topics we’re talking about.”

      Lightman said he occasionally participates in the Voice of America program Issues in the News.

      Other journalists who acknowledged payments from Voice of America programs included Tom M. DeFrank, head of the New York Daily News’ Washington office; Helle Dale, a former director of the opinion pages of The Washington Times; and Georgie Anne Geyer, a nationally syndicated columnist who appears in 120 publications, El Nuevo Herald reported.

    Lightman will no longer appear on the show.

  • N.Y. Times Creates Bonus Pool

  • A reader writes in (regarding this):

      Regarding The Times: Newsroom remains upbeat and is taking a wait and see attitude regarding the Nation article. As far as I can tell, Fran has solid support from the staff, who mostly view Archibald as a lunatic. Other than the than two disgruntled people, I know of no one who views Fran as a racist. Most think a good man is getting smeared unjustly — as his enemies seek to use the attack for political, power or financial gains.

  • From DCRTV:

      Michael Rosenblum, a TV news consultant who’s said to be a major proponent of one-man-band TV journalists, has placed several ads on Craigslist ( and for a new local network startup in DC. Our sources say its for a news channel to be exclusively carried by Verizon’s DC area cable systems. A la Comcast’s exclusive CN8, which recently debuted in the DC area.

  • Register for a politics, advocacy and blogging seminar here.

  • And you can get all the Virginia blogosphere in one place now. (And the Extreme-ness says, “Virginia Bloggers Graduate To Washington Post Front Page.”)

  • And BlogTalkRadio allows bloggers/podcasters to broadcast live streaming radio shows, while accepting telephone calls from listeners and hosting show guests (and it’s free).

  • PR Flacks: Check out “Potomac Flacks,” a repository of news and gossip about D.C.’s spokesguys and spokesgals.

  • Scott McClellan, in a promotional email from HotSoup, says that reporters just weren’t asking good questions:

      Scott McClellan, former press secretary to President Bush: “I fielded dozens of questions a day, yet I often felt like I was not being asked about the issues that really mattered to most Americans. is offering people across the country the opportunity to have their voices heard and focus attention back on the priorities they care most about. There is a huge market for this kind of exchange of ideas and debate.”

  • Spring Returning To XM’s Step

  • Deborah Howell on “The Power of a Point of View

  • See Anna Quindlen tonight at 7:30pm, Borders Books-Baileys Crossroads.