Morning Reading List, 09.06.06

Good morning, Washington.

  • Yeah, yeah: (To paraphrase Jan Brady) It’s always Katie, Katie, Katie

    TVNewser has outdone himself with comprehensive coverage. One reader writes in to ask, “How can you anchor the news when you ARE the news?”

    And Suri? Kinda cute…Who’da thunk?

  • Guess who re-found his mojo during the White House press briefings?

      “Don’t point your finger at me!”

    Ah, we missed you David Gregory

  • ABC’s “Path to 9/11” has sparked quite a debate.

  • Anyone seen Howard Fineman in Newsweek recently?

  • Speaking of Newsweek, they made it official yesterday: Meacham is editor, effective Oct. 2.

  • Any media folks play golf? Any want to play in this tournament? They’re looking for some media types so send me a note…

  • A reader writes in in response to this post and says:

      There’s nothing “stupid” about the tension between the Post newsroom and the website. They are increasingly the public face of The Washington Post — and yet the newsroom has no control over what the website (a distinct entity under the same corporate umbrella as the newspaper) puts out. So yeah, when we’re blamed for their (frequent) mistakes, we’re sensitive about it.

  • A reader tells us that there are plans for a memorial service in New York City within the next few weeks for John Wilson, the former Metro Editor and Assistant Managing Editor for The Washington Times and, most recently, an assistant Science section Editor for The New York Times.

  • Washington Post looks to new digital ventures

  • A Venerable Newsweekly Changes Its Stripes.” (Time mag)