Morning Reading List, 08.24.06

  • Updates on Steve and Olaf.

  • Wolf Blitzer gets Baba Booey’d.

  • PBS says that Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor Karen Czarnecki does not need to identify herself as being affiliated with the Bush administration when she goes on TV. Ombudsman Michael Getler disagrees.

  • From a local listserv:

      WashPost’s Graham endorsement extraordinary
      Posted by: [REDACTED]
      Wed Aug 23, 2006 1:59 pm (PST)

      I’ve lived in this town for 30 years and I’ve never seen the Post endorse a local candidate
      with the kind of enthusiasm they did today for Jim Graham.

    What do the rest of you think?

  • From DCRTV:

      DC TV Markets Stays 8th, Baltimore 24th – 8/24 – Even though the DC market added 50,000 TV viewing households in the past year, ratings firm Nielsen keeps the Nation’s Capital in 8th place in the national TV market rankings for 2007. Baltimore, which added 8,000 households, remains at 24th place. NYC remains in 1st, LA 2nd, Chicago 3rd, Philadelphia 4th, SF jumps one place to 5th, Dallas jumps one to 6th, and Boston slides two slots to 7th. If DC and Baltimore were combined, “Washibal” would be the 4th largest TV market, ahead of Philadelphia…..

    Also head to DCRTV for local Arbitrend ratings. (Hughes says “Not much traction for that new talker, Washington Post Radio, WTWP. The half-year-old station needs to inject some entertainment “juice” into its shows. Time to pair the funny and charismatic David Burd with journalist anchor Mike Moss on weekday mornings. Or watch the ratings wheels continue to spin in the mud”)

  • The Washington Examiner’s Jim Williams continues his look at local sportscasters.

  • Alex Koppelman interviews Joe Scarborough (Salon, via Eat the Press)

  • Finally, we think we finally found out why the terrorists really hate us: We have the luxury to do things like this.

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