Morning Reading List, 08.21.06


  • President Bush holds a news conference at 10:01:30 am (what’s with the super specific time?) today in — yippee! — Jackson Place!

  • Our thoughts and prayers remain with FNCers kidnapped in Gaza. TVNewser has all of the updates

  • Wall Street Journal is the most trusted print publication.

  • Peter Baker writes: “Pundits Renounce The President: Among Conservative Voices, Discord.” But the Extremeness wonders, “is Scarborough deserving of Mensa membership?”

  • Head to Borders-Downtown today at 12:30 to see Thomas Ricks discuss his book, “Fiasco.”

  • How Weekly Magazines Try to Balance News on the Internet, in Print Editions.”

  • TV Week interviews Tucker Carlson.

  • Newsweek says it’s going to keep its schedule as is.

  • Interesting: Drudge reports that TIME turns their latest cover into a ballot on Hillary Clinton. Readers can check their preference on their cover and mail it in (online poll here).

  • John McCaslin reports that “Mother Jones magazine, in its September/October issue, says blame for the ‘manipulation of intelligence’ that eventually led to the U.S. military’s march into Iraq does not end with Vice President Dick Cheney, President Bush, or even Donald H. Rumsfeld’s Pentagon. ‘It is shared by idiots from the Fourth Estate,’ the left-wing magazine states. “‘The New York Times’ Judith Miller, to be sure. But also the editors of The Washington Post who routinely relegated vital reporting on the flimsiness of the administration’s Iraq intel to page A13.'”