Morning Reading List, 08.14.06

  • A great, heart-warming story over the weekend: “Making Deadline With A Transplant: For Catherine Herridge’s Top Story, a Happy Ending.”

  • The weekend’s other big story: “Increasingly, Bush Escapes the Media Pack: Press Cuts Converge With Closed Events

  • Washington, D.C.: Can we produce novels?

  • In memoriam: Journalist and Teacher Jessie Pretorius

  • Tony Kornheiser (aka “TK Stackmoney) makes his Monday Night Football debut tonight.

  • Mike Allen: Big Mark Halperin fan.
  • Does Karen Czarnecki have a conflict of interest?

  • Peter Johnson says “News doesn’t happen in August, my ass.”

  • Iran’s president hearts C-SPAN. From a release:



    This isn’t the first time, either. Back in 1997, C-SPAN also aired the Iranian President’s interview with Mike Wallace, after the leader said he wanted his entire comments aired during prime time.

  • From an ABC release:

      Reporter Jill Carroll, who was held hostage for 82 days in Iraq, will share her story in an 11-part series, “Hostage: The Jill Carroll Story,” in The Christian Science Monitor beginning Monday, August 14. In a partnership with the Monitor, ABC News has obtained exclusive access to Carroll’s on-camera interview — a first-hand account of her time as a hostage, the daily activities of her captors, and how she struggled to stay alive.

  • Have you heard of this whole “interns like happy hour” thing? It’s all the rage, says the Post’s Metro section. But doesn’t that sort of thing belong in Style?

  • Matt Cooper is joining one pretty magazine.

  • The next newspaper trend, the Berliner.”

  • Hmm…Does anyone think that the Washington Post should mention, in its short review of Joe Mathews’ “The People Machine” that Joe is the son of Post education writer Jay Mathews?

  • From Mark Silva’s pool report…No one’s convinced that they’ll ever get back into that darn press briefing room ever again.

      Emerging from the dark and artificially chilled chamber of the temporary press pool trailer, your pool trudged, squinting all the way, to the sun-splashed South Lawn for the arrival of the president. We passed the gutted press briefing room, the chairs gone, and paused to wonder about you know what.

  • Interesting letter to the editor to the Post over the weekend:

      In her July 31 front-page article about Weschler’s Auctioneers and Appraisers, Lynne Duke wrote: “He’s gonna stuff it in the rented storage space where he stuffs all his other stuff.”

      It’s my understanding that a more relaxed writing style is encouraged or at least tolerated in the Style section, but I’d think a major metropolitan newspaper would shy away from such a colloquial and ungrammatical locution on its front page (except in a direct quotation).

      But I guess The Post is gonna disappoint me on that score. Just sayin’.

      — Chris Collins

  • George Stephanopolous loves him some bubbly.

  • Deborah Howell on “A War of Images and Perceptions.”

  • And this? Well, it’s simply one of the best openings to a press release we’ve ever read. From the Grooming Lounge:

      Washington, D.C., While the country’s most comprehensive men’s grooming resource, the Grooming Lounge, is of course concerned with the safety of airline passengers and understands the need for the new ‘no liquids (or any non-solid) in carry-on bags rule’, the company is also concerned for the men that have had their grooming products confiscated while on their way to important events.