Morning Reading List, 07.26.06


  • Al Kamen reports:

      The New York Daily News unearthed an internal job posting last week for a press assistant in Vice President Cheney ‘s office that it said sent “a telling little glimpse into the siege state in which the vice president appears to find himself.”

      The Daily News focused on a key part of the job description: “The press assistant is responsible for monitoring media for various national security and domestic issues, informing the Press Secretary and the Deputy Press Secretary of issues of note and factual inaccuracies in the media.”

      Of course there are other duties, such as handling press advance, working out logistics for the traveling press, helping to prepare briefing papers and so on.

      The job has been filled by Jamie Hennigan , a dedicated and super-competent reelection campaign aide.

      Hennigan will need courage as well. For example: “Sir, the Canton Repository reports you told Larry King on June 1, 2005, that the Iraqi insurgency was in its ‘last throes.’ The actual date is May 30. Should I demand a correction?”

  • Local journalists start a new blog that “offers words, tips, and pointers for writers of all shapes and sizes, from budding novelists to authors of household appliance manuals, under the belief that no string of sentences is impervious to style.”

  • Ken Herman of Cox Newspapers and Julie Mason of The Houston Chronicle talk about their experiences as pool reporters and how they approach the task of writing a report.”

  • WhyIHateDC is on vacation and missing the Washington Post (and almost the Washington Times)…

  • Looks like WTTG Fox 5 news is adding an 11 p.m. newscast called “The Edge.” We’ve heard ads for it on WTOP and there is a banner ad on their website. It’s unclear what the difference is going to be between their “regular” 10 p.m. newscast and “The Edge.” Premieres July 31. (DCRTV says: “Looks like the Brian Bolter-anchored newscast will be even more senationalist and tabloid than WTTG’s long-running 10 PM newscast. Only stuff Fox 5 can do. Stay tooned…..”)

  • Fox Reigns as News Heats Up.” (Eric Boehlert disagrees…)

    Tucker seems to be enjoying himself, however (via Hotline’s “Wake Up Call!”):

      “An hour after we got here, we found ourselves sitting on the patio of our hotel having a lunch of Stilton cheese, walnuts and Perrier” — MSNBC’s Tucker Carlson, on reporting from a war zone (“Tucker”).

  • Gannett doubles stock buyback.”

  • Hundreds of troops and veterans from the war in Iraq are blogging world-wide, and many are focused on a common enemy: journalists.”

  • Washington Examiner owner Philip Anschutzis favored by the British government to build Britain’s first super-casino, despite recent reports about his relationship with the country’s deputy prime minister, John Prescott.

    “Anschutz’s Millennium Dome site in London topped a short list of eight proposed venues announced by the government’s Casino Advisory Panel. Prescott, who was reprimanded for not telling Parliament that he had been at Anschutz’s Colorado ranch, denied that he had been influenced by Anschutz during their twice-yearly meetings. He said they had never discussed casinos.”

  • DC-based Greta van Susteren is making it abundantly clear where her heart (and stomach) really lies.

  • From News Blues (via DCRTV):

      Several tipsters tell News Blues that Star Jones Reynolds (right), who recently left ABC’s “The View,” and her husband were in DC yesterday meeting with executives from Black Entertainment Television…..