Morning Reading List, 07.21.06

morningsun.gif Michael Berlin argues that the press knows how to keep a secret when appropriate.

  • Interesting corrections in today’s Post:

      A photo with a July 18 Business article on Norman Pearlstine’s hiring by Carlyle Group was of John Huey, Pearlstine’s successor as editor in chief of Time Inc. A photo of Pearlstine appears here.

      A July 10 Style article described HDNet, a high-definition channel that has hired Dan Rather, as being available through satellite television services. It is also carried on about 40 cable systems, including Adelphia and RCN in the Washington area.

  • Discovery added a new component to its news service — daily video webcasts. The webcasts, which last from just under a minute to over five minutes, cover news topics related to Discovery programming. So far topics have included the discovery of a baby triceratops fossil in Montanta and the recent heatwave. There’s also a regular feature with Ted Koppel where the venerable journalist discusses world events and answers viewer questions about current events.

  • Express Feature Editor Holly Morris’ began blogging about celebrities over at ReadExpress this week.

  • And launched a new blog this week by Emil Steiner, author of the novel “Drunk Driving.” The blog “plans to scour the site and the Internet each day for jaw dropping, barely believable stories that also happen to be true.” Fine, but couldn’t we just read the Congressional Record for that?

  • Get a glimpse at what it’s like to cover rock stars (and the mind-numbingly stupid questions asked of them by reporters) in today’s piece by J. Freedom du Lac.

  • Hey look! PBS/National Journal’s “Washington Week” actually has a NJ staffer on this week!

  • And why does Fox News boycott the Emmys?