Morning Reading List, 07.17.06

Air conditioned version:

  • Really? Did the Washington Post need to spend 3,700 words on Sunday to tell us this: “Common Ground of 9/11 Gave Way to Partisan Split.”

  • Slate’s Andrew Rice thinks that the NYT’s Mark Leibovich might have the ombudsman breathing down his neck soon:

      A couple of days after running a thick skewer through Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wisc., the NYT’s Mark Leibovich takes an elegiac look at Sen. Joe Lieberman, the Connecticut Democrat who is facing a tough primary challenge because of his stance in favor of the Iraq war. “Mr. Lieberman’s allies discuss him these days with a tinge of sadness, as if mourning a kindly gentleman who has wandered into a bad neighborhood,” Leibovich writes. “Colleagues have approached him on the Senate floor to console him, asking how he is holding up, as if he is sick or experiencing some trauma.” Let’s see: a controversial Republican is “prickly,” “cantankerous” and “unpleasant”; an unpopular Democrat comes off like he just needs a hug. This sounds like a job for…Ombudsman!

  • Deborah Howell explains “What Made Two Murders Distinct.”

  • Bob Novak talks to Tim Russert. Money shot:

      MR. RUSSERT: When you were on MEET THE PRESS October of ’03, I asked you about the Newsday piece, and you did repeat, you said, quote, “What I meant was that the senior official had given me her name.”

      MR. NOVAK: Well, that, that was just–that’s just a misstatement on my part. He, he–what he said exactly was his wife, his wife had done it. I got the name–because I, I, I realized I didn’t have the name, and I figured out, how am I going to get this name to put in, in the column? So I said, “Maybe it’s in ‘Who’s Who.'” And I looked it up and there it was.

    Also, Novak maintained that he did not out Valerie Plame.

  • Michael Kinsley talks about brain surgery.

  • Head to TVNewser for full coverage of MSNBC’s 10 year anniversary.

  • Voice of America broadcaster sentenced over the weekend for possessing child pornography.

  • Dana Milbank reads Helen Thomas’ new book and declares that “A Giant of Journalism Comes Up Short.”

  • Howie Kurtz looks into the fall-out from Eve Fairbanks’ TNR story about going out on a date with a right-winger.