Morning Reading List, 07.16.07

morningsun.gifGood morning Washington.

  • The Weekly Pew News Interest Index shows, “In the news last week, the war in Iraq and the investigation into the London and Glasgow car bombs were the most closely followed stories.”

  • From Carol Joynt’s blog, she writes, “Email to me today from Deborah Jeane Palfry, the ‘DC Madam.’ Make of it what you will: ‘FYI (for what it may be worth) I can tell you that Harlan Ullman’s name is splattered throughout the phone records. In addition, I remember taking a few checks from him over time. -Jeane’ Here’s Harlan’s response: ‘no comment–except those were her calls, not mine'”

  • Wonkette looks at the City Paper vs. Late Night Shots fallout. Meanwhile, “LNSers have got to find some way to make their outrage known while they wait for their high-profile lawsuit to reach the courts.”

  • Ed Henry loves him some Green Day (Hat Tip: Politico).

  • DC reporters enjoy some private quality time with Romney.

  • That whole Post/ tension thing is overblown, if you ask this fella.

  • Washington Times’ Robert Stacy McCain writes, “There was something intriguing in the strong reaction to Jon Ward’s Fishwrap post yesterday about 13-year-old Jessica Hackerd, who burst out in tears after President Bush responded sarcastically to her question about immigration Tuesday. … It was something of a Rashomon — people seemed to see what they wanted to see.”

  • William Schulz writes, “When Ken Tomlinson calls for an investigation into the ‘cover-up’ of U.S. Arabic broadcasting outrages, it is clear he understands where that probe would lead: to Karen Hughes

  • U.S. News announced that intern Alison Go has joined the staff of U.S. News as an associate producer for the Education and News You Can Use sections of the website. She will also serve as a reporter for the Money & Business section.

  • Wall Street Journal reports, “There is encouraging news on the First Amendment front. Members of the House and Senate have introduced identical versions of the ‘Free Flow of Information Act of 2007,’ and the full House Judiciary Committee held its first hearing on the bill just a few weeks back.”

  • A reader tells us, “The O’Briens back together again… Miles is anchoring Sit Room, Soledad promoting her new special. It was kind of cute when Miles said, ‘Good to see you again!'”

  • Check out the latest latest episode of Richard Miniter’s online TV show “The Corn & Miniter Show” co-hosted with The Nation’s Washington Editor David Corn.

  • A CNN release announced, “As the first CNN/You Tube-sponsored presidential debate nears, CNN will air a week of one-hour specials in which the role of the Internet in the 2008 campaign will be examined. The program, ‘CNN/YouTube Debate Countdown,’ will feature a sampling of videos submitted to YouTube for the Democratic presidential debate in Charleston, S.C., on Monday, July 23.”

  • Ken Silverstein writes, “Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post has faithfully parroted the talking points of the two lobbying firms I embarrassed in this month’s Harper’s, but APCO and Cassidy & Associates have had less luck with other journalists.”

  • reports, “MSM continues to fall for bogus numbers”

  • Jules Crittenden writes, “But I’d like to point out that not only was I right and the AP and NYT wrong about Bush caving to Congress on Iraq, but AP sucks.”

  • From Confederate Yankee: “A little bit of cross-referencing reveals that the photographer ‘Talal’ mentioned in Michael Yon’s dispatch Second Chances is Associated Press photojournalist Talal Mohammed.”

  • A Modernist Society release announced that U.S. Marine turned Al Jazeera correspondent, Josh Rushing, will appear at an “Intelligent Lounging” event, on July 26 at 9 p.m. at Bourbon in Adams Morgan.

  • Business Week explores, “Why the San Francisco Chronicle is a candidate to exit print”

  • Political Derby has “the only time the ‘DC Madam’ makes the VP short list.”

  • From Jules Crittenden: “NYT news desk embarrassed by NYT ed board? Could be, except that in lieu of meaningful reporting, this dire frontpage warning about impending doom in Iraq satisfies itself with U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker’s relatively lame, defensive remarks, in which he comes across as almost apologetic, doing NYT’s work for them as he casts the discussion in terms of political posturing”

  • Don Surber writes, “I see where Bruce Bartlett is giving up his gig as a newspaper columnist. Officially, I am solemn and understanding. Yes, it is difficult to give ‘quality commentary.’ Inwardly, I am laughing and baffled. Columnists express opinions on anything they want. It is like being paid to breathe. And he is turning down the money? Instead of writing a newspaper column, he will write books. That’s like giving up playing the kazoo to become a concert pianist because it is easier. Of course it pays better. You actually have to have talent and work at it.”

  • Jennifer Moire’s last day in C-SPAN’s media department is Friday, July 27.


  • American Chemical Society is looking for a Production Editor for Chemical & Engineering News.

  • Al Jazeera English is looking for a Unit Manager.

  • The Politico/ is looking for a National Account Executive.

  • East-West Center Washington is looking for freelance copyeditors for its Policy Studies series.

  • National Geographic Kids Magazine in Washington, DC is looking for a hard-working, enthusiastic assistant to the Editor-in-Chief. Email cover letter with an attached resume and salary requirements to

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