Morning Reading List, 07.07.06

  • Give David Plotz his props: He’s still blogging the Bible.

  • R.I.P., Journalist and CIA Spy Donald Aspinall Allan.

  • Here’s a thought: If we can read Outlook’s articles on Slate days before…and the Post’s articles in Express (and on WTWP) days before…will there soon be no reason to pick up the Post?

  • Washington Post 2Q Profit Flat.”

  • Deb Howell on “Books, Bias, Labels — and @!#$%*#.”

  • Comcast Will Air Nats Games, Ending Dispute.”
  • CQ’s Elizabeth Wasserman on McClatchy’s Washington bureau.

  • How tabloid newspapers affect the big broadsheets.

  • The Extreme-ness on “Sad News For The Media And The Fight For Freedom.”

  • NOW wonders, “Is the press still fulfilling its obligation to the truth?”

  • Brian Lamb channels Adam Curry.

  • Journalism Educators Ask White House to Abandon ‘Anti-Press Policies’

  • Circumlocutor asks, “Is Erik Wemple a NY Times Contributor? NY Times Says ‘No'”

  • Wemple’s Wife Slings the Shit (Literally) in Pet Spa Dispute–And Was Arrested for It, Too.”

  • Interesting letter to the editor:

      The Wrong Place for Discussing Teen Sex

      Saturday, August 5, 2006; A17

      As a parent of two young children, I almost choked on my lunch while reading Laura Sessions Stepp’s July 22 Style article, “Hot Fun (or Not Fun) in the Summertime.” With no warning from the headline or accompanying picture, I soon discovered that I was reading an article about premarital teenage sex, in a section that includes the comics and KidsPost. Somehow you found it appropriate to run an article devoid of news or style describing several women reminiscing about their decisions to lose their virginity as teenagers in the summertime.

      What were you thinking? Did someone forget to edit the Style section that day? This article was unbefitting your award-winning paper. While I do not expect hard news in the Style section, I expect better than this; the content was more suitable to a blog or an Internet chat room, for those people who find it interesting.

      In this day and age, it is no mean feat for parents to raise thoughtful children with moral values. Children, and especially girls, need good role models. Reading about summer affairs in the pages of the newspaper makes the decision to lose your virginity as a teenager appear normal and acceptable. The article makes it much more difficult to offer teenage girls reasonable choices.

      Parents must be given the opportunity to responsibly address sensitive issues such as sex at the appropriate time and in the manner that is best for their children. You took that opportunity out of our hands.

      Lisa Jones Foose, Arlington