Morning Reading List, 06.08.06

FishbowlDC sells baby photos for much less.

  • ABC crushed the competition this morning in breaking the Zarqawi story. ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Martha Raddatz broke the al-Zarqawi story at 2:38am…a half hour before the next guy. Get some sleep Martha…

  • “Washington-based Fox News correspondent Catherine Herridge and her son Peter are in separate ICU rooms at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center after a successful surgery Tuesday in which she donated part of her liver to the 5-month-old. Officials with the cable channel report that both have a long recovery — Herridge will be in the hospital for at least a month; Peter, who suffers from a bile-duct disorder, for at least eight weeks — but that they’re doing well.”

  • Former FishbowlNY sister Rachel Sklar’s new Huffington Post feature — “Eat the Press” — hit the ground running with an excellent piece:

      In a bizarre irony, HuffPo’s ETP has learned that The Boston Herald plagiarized Editor & Publisher’s article about Seth Mnookin’s Vanity Fair article about…plagiarism.

  • All the Rick Kaplan departure news you could possibly want over at our brother, TVNewser.

  • John McCaslin says, “Give Chris Matthews credit for permitting his guests more uninterrupted opportunities to express their positions.”

  • Jack Shafer: “Wen Ho Ho Ho Lee Gets Last Laugh.”

      AP Managing Editor Mike Silverman and Washington Post Executive Editor Leonard Downie Jr. salvaged a victory of sorts from the settlement by noting to E&P that it rescued them from either surrendering their confidential sources to Lee’s attorneys or seeing their reporters jailed on contempt charges.

      But in private, I’ll bet editors and their attorneys are as sick as dogs over all this.

  • Tear Down the TimesSelect Wall!