Morning Reading List 05.29.09

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Global newspaper sales inched up last year, contradicting gloomy predictions that dailies face extinction, as gains in Africa, Asia and Latin America offset slumps in Europe and the US.

As for what’s ailing the newspaper business, Rupert Murdoch blames companies for their indebtedness: “There have been a lot of newspaper deals done in the last 10 years in which people have taken on ridiculous debt.”


Journalist Roxana Saberi says she faced “severe psychological and mental pressure” to confess to being a spy.


News for Sale. Executives at major news companies from The New York Times Co. and The Associated Press on down are arriving at the consensus that they will simply have to find a way to charge people who read their articles online.


The Associated Press, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, CNN and WSB-TV asked a federal judge on Thursday to grant the media access to copies of audio and video court records key to the upcoming trial against a terrorism suspect.

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