Morning Reading List, 05.24.07

morningsun.gifGood morning Washington.

  • Snoop wins.

  • An NBC release announced a new feature, “Today on the Trail.” “The series, which will air regularly leading up to the ’08 elections, will feature ‘Today’ anchors and correspondents backstage with the candidates and their staffs.” The feature will be part of “Today’s” comprehensive coverage of the 2008 Presidential race and will kick-off next Tuesday, May 29 with NBC News’ Meredith Vieira interviewing Sen. Barack Obama.

  • Lots of stuff this morning on Kimberly Dozier.

  •’s Subscription Model Is Dead

  • And now, the correction:

  • From a reader (regarding this):

      Funny, that sounds like she’s been using a form letter she’s been using for years. (I remember getting something similar from her back in 2000-2001.) Newspaper recruiters and public relations officers might be on the opposite spectrum, but cut from the same cloth. In the case of recruiters, I think they get a passive-aggressive high from dashing the dreams of journalists with a one sentence slam … and Joe Grimm of the Detroit Free Press is the ringmaster. (Why former Knight-Ridder groupies worship him is beyond me …)

      Down with Midwesern metropolitan dailies and their recruiters! Can’t they all be centralized by Gannett?

  • An update from yesterday’s post…Here’s how the Washington Times chimed in:

  • One reader writes in wondering whether this Politico Breaking News alert deserved the “Breaking News” email:

      Republicans launch ad blitz aimed at vulnerable freshman Democrats, dipping into their own pockets because of campaign committee debt. NRCC aims to tie opponents to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, depicting her as an out-of-touch liberal. Campaign is modest in scope but ambitious in targeting Pelosi to try to knock out her supporters.

    Said the reader: “is this worthy of breaking news, let alone such an e-mail? Let me know if the House rebukes Murtha (maybe), or if the Senate passes immigration reform (out of nowhere), but not if the NRCC is doing business as usual.

  • Media Matters Eric Boehlert writes, “Murdoch’s bid has opened the door to a very public and bruising examination of the crass brand of journalism his properties often practice, and why he would be the wrong person — too irresponsible, too unprincipled — to own the venerable Wall Street Journal.”

  • reports, “The surge in traffic at Facebook comes amid continued interest in the site from numerous media companies. Facebook has been the subject of buy-out speculation since last year, when Yahoo was rumoured to be mulling a bid of more than $1bn for the company.”

  • His Extremeness writes, “If John McCain’s [expletive deleted] exchange with John Cornyn has taught us anything, it’s the Washington Post’s policy on [expletive deleted] and what not and shit.”

  • From the Providence Journal, “‘Prince of darkness’ sheds light on politics”

  • The AP reports, “Shares of newspaper publishers were mixed Tuesday after two of the largest chains in the country, Gannett Co. and McClatchy Co., said revenue dropped in April.”

  • TVWeek reports, “National Geographic inked a deal with YouTube to offer a series of short-form videos that it has produced for to YouTube’s users.”

  • The Chicago Sun-Times reports, “Some 54 Chicago Tribune newsroom staffers want to take the newspaper’s buyout offer — far short of as many as 100 jobs that the newspaper publisher said it wants to eliminate companywide, sources said Monday. But workers from other departments were also eligible to put in for the buyouts, which could eliminate the need for layoffs.”

  • According to Biz Report, “If you thought that the younger generation only read digital print, think again. According to new research from McPheters & Company the younger generation not only reads digitally, they also read traditional print publications.”


  • NPR is looking for a Supervising Senior Editor, National
    Desk and an Associate Producer, OnAir Fundraising & Promotion.

  • Military Officers Association of America is looking for an Assistant Editor.

  • The Gazette is looking for a Copy/layout editor.

  • New America Foundation is looking for a Media Relations Associate.

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