Morning Reading List, 05.01.08

Good morning Washington. Yesterday was The Hill’s Sam Youngman’s birthday and today is the birthday of Len Downie. One year ago, Tom Edsall joined the Huffington Post. Mike Allen’s Playbook tells us that it’s Julie Whitson’s birthday.

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  • Today’s “Angry Journalist” rant of the day: “I left journalism/newspapers 6 years ago for one reason: the bias. Oh, wait, here’s another one: everyone is miserable all the time. Oops, a third: my family and friends worked when I was off, and vice-versa. That’s it. No wait! Four: I qualified for welfare each of the 8 years I was in the business. Oh boy, they’re coming from everywhere now…Five: the bias among reporters. Six: the entire office was outfitted in 1940s desks and chairs…Seven: Raises were verboten, yet we all got invited to the owner’s home for Christmas and see what opulence he lived in. Eight: Work-life balance. Nine: A chance to see how people with souls actually lived. Ten: The time I had a promised raise taken away, and replaced with a free pizza coupon and movie tickets!”


  • Wall Street Journal reports, “A special committee established to oversee The Wall Street Journal’s editorial integrity said its members should have been informed earlier that the newspaper’s managing editor, Marcus Brauchli, had been pressured to resign.”

  • AP reports, “Credit-ratings agency Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services on Tuesday cut its long-term rating on newspaper publisher The New York Times Co., as its advertising revenue continues to fall.”

  • Slate’s Jack Shafer writes, “Sunday’s New York Times Travel section pays obvious homage to the Austin Powers movies with a photo spread of vacationing nudists cavorting in their absolute uncovered glory—without showing much in the way of private parts.”

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  • ESPN has an interview with Wolf Blitzer.

  • CNN’s Political Ticker reports, “The New Hampshire Political Library is awarding CNN’s Candy Crowley with a New Hampshire Primary Award Wednesday for her outstanding political coverage. Serving as CNN’s Senior Political Correspondent, Crowley braved the New England cold to report extensively on the New Hampshire primary earlier this year.”
  • The Washington Post takes a look at The Daily Show’s “chief researcher and video wiz,” Adam Chodikoff, a “vital link in the program’s comedic ecosystem. Chodikoff’s job is to dig through the vast quarry of TV news footage to find the nuggets that form the program’s pointed, often eye-opening ‘reporting.’ In a manner of speaking, he’s an investigative humorist.”

  • Variety reports, “Days of lavish TV upfronts are gone. Networks scaling back due to strike”

  • Bloomberg reports, “Time Warner Inc. Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Bewkes said he will separate the cable-systems unit from the film and television businesses, bringing him a step closer to breaking up the world’s biggest media company.”

  •’s Diane Mermigas writes, “Some on Wall Street and in Hollywood are asking the question out loud: Can Sumner Redstone afford not to reunite Viacom and CBS? CBS’ core television and radio may not be able to generate new digital revenues fast enough to offset an inevitable fall-off in broadcast revenues in nonpolitical 2009. That’s when the company could go from a slow-growth to a no-growth story.”

  • Jossip reports, “There’s a big reason why MSNBC would like to quiet any knowledge of David Gregory’s off-camera behavior and sluggish ratings. David Gregory, you see, is supposed to be the next Chris Matthews. Oh, did we say next? We meant he’s supposed to replace Chris Matthews.” Gawker has more.

  • Jossip also reports, “Ever since news broke about his brand of courtesy toward waitresses, David Gregory has been clamming up around the D.C. newsroom. But now we’re told that his distancing from staff might have more to do with at least 10 consecutive days of dipping ratings, where ‘he’s been losing big chunks of the strong lede-in audience he starts with,’ says a MSNBC insider.”

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  • WebProNews reports, “Google and YouTube have announced plans to hold a presidential forum in New Orleans in September. In the announcement the two companies said, ‘The forum will be a live televised discussion about the issues critical to America’s future, and using YouTube’s video platform and Google’s technologies, you’ll be able to engage in the discussion in important ways.'”

  • CNet News reports, “Video may be the next content revolution on the Internet after text and photos, but it’s still unclear how to sell it best to advertisers and Web surfers. And that’s even for a Google executive.”

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  • Mediabistro asks, “So What Do You Do, Chris Johns, Editor-in-Chief of National Geographic?”

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  • A reader tells us that it was one year ago today when NPR’s “Tell Me More” with Michel Martin debuted.

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  • The Chronicle of Higher Education reports, “The Chronicle has awarded its fifth annual David W. Miller Award for Student Journalists to Sam Laird, a 2007 graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz who has been in South America since a newspaper internship in Ecuador fell through in January.”

  • The New York Times reports, “As the advertising industry confronts profound changes in media and technology, agency leaders were given a dose of tough love at their annual conference.”

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  • Washingtonian Magazine is looking for someone in Advertising Sales.

  • National Trust for Historic Preservation is looking for a Web Technology Manager.
  • The Hotline is looking for a Staff Writer.

  • The Humane Society of the United States is looking for an Online Producer, Philanthropy.

  • ASCD is looking for a Senior Editor/Producer.

  • Daily News-Record is looking for a Business Writer.
  • Inter-American Dialogue is looking for a Reporter/Assistant Editor for Latin America Advisor.
  • Reed Business Information (RBI) is looking for an Americas Editor — Flight.
  • National Public Radio is looking for someone to provide administrative support to the Major Gifts Office.

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