Morning Reading List, 04.21.08

Good morning Washington. It’s Iggy Pop’s birthday!

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  • Today’s “Angry Journalist” rant of the day: “I work my ass off for a paper that just wants me to feed the beast, because if I don’t get some great clips, I will never get to a better paper. But, my editors find a way to screw with most of my stories, and all the (supposedly) better papers are laying people off. What am I supposed to do in this situation?”

  • This week’s classes include Food Writing Boot Camp, Overcome Writer’s Block and Feature Writing.


  • Betsy Scolnik is joining The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. She is leaving National Geographic May 5 to join the Foundation as Deputy Director, Content and Distribution. “John Caldwell, Vice President of Strategic Development and Operations, Digital Media, has been named Senior Vice President and Acting President, Digital Media, it was announced Wednesday by Ted Prince, President and Chief Operating Officer of NG Ventures.”

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  • Pew Weekly News Interest Index announced,John McCain’s campaign for president has been flying under the news media’s radar since he sewed up the Republican nomination in early March. In recent weeks, he has received less news coverage — and has been consistently less visible to the public — than either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.”

  • reports, “As Linda Grist Cunningham took the podium to talk about integrating editorial and advertising content at a newspaper industry powwow, the Rockford Register Star executive editor couldn’t resist cracking a joke. ‘I feel like I’m at an AA meeting,’ she said during a gathering of newspaper editors and publishers in Washington this week. ‘I’m Linda Cunningham, and I’m in the business of making money.’ … But Cunningham’s self-conscious quip reflected the awareness that for many newspaper editors, the idea of working closely with advertising departments requires a big cultural leap.”

  • Deb Howell asks “Was ‘Excluded’ the Wrong Word?

  • Clark Hoyt talks about getting “Squeezed by the Courts.”

  • Portfolio’s Mixed Media reports, “New York Times Co. CEO Janet Robinson has a message for Rupert Murdoch: Bring it on. On the Times Co.’s just-completed quarterly results call, Robinson fielded a question about the threat Murdoch’s reconfigured Wall Street Journal poses to the Times. The question came from an analyst who wanted to know if Robinson agreed with former Times executive editor Howell Raines, who wrote in Portfolio that Murdoch intends to use the Journal to eat the Times’s lunch.”
  • Politico reports, “Clinton spokesman takes aim at Shales”
  • Media Week reports, “In another sign of the ongoing contraction in the newsweekly category, U.S. News & World Report has whacked its rate base to 1.5 million from 2 million this year, while cutting its frequency to 36 issues from 46. A spokesperson for U.S. News declined to comment on the changes, which were confirmed by media buyers.”

  • A release announced, “Results from the Dow Jones Insight — 2008 Presidential Election Media Pulse show that like the race for votes, the race for press coverage in Pennsylvania ahead of next Tuesday’s primary remains tight, but in the most recent two-week period, the coverage advantage has reverted back to Hillary Clinton. While Barack Obama had pulled ahead in the last Dow Jones Insight — 2008 Presidential Election Media Pulse, since April 1 Clinton received more mentions in the Pennsylvania press (3,033) than Obama (2,920), giving her 51% of all Democratic mentions to Obama’s 49%.”

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  • A NBC release announced, “Richard Engel has been named NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent…. Engel, one of the foremost journalists reporting in the Middle East, will expand his role and continue to report for all platforms of NBC News, including ‘NBC Nightly News,’ ‘Today,’ and MSNBC and”

  • A CNN release announced, “CNN’s political team will report live from the CNN Election Center and across Pennsylvania when Democratic voters there go to the polls for a critical primary on Tuesday, April 22. … CNN’s special prime-time programming will begin at 7 p.m., following wall-to-wall politics on The Situation Room, and will run late into the night. Lead political anchor Wolf Blitzer will direct the coverage and be joined by anchors Campbell Brown, Anderson Cooper, Lou Dobbs and Soledad O’Brien. Chief national correspondent John King will again provide in-depth, Pennsylvania-specific data and analysis using the CNN ‘multi-touch’ board, a unique tool that makes complex information more understandable and accessible. The coverage will lead into a special edition of Larry King Live at midnight hosted by Larry King. American Morning with John Roberts and Kyra Phillips will be live the following morning from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. with post-election analysis.”

  • Hufifngton Post’s Rachel Sklar has the second part of her chat with Dan Rather, including why he thinks McCain can win, why the press is no fan of HRC, why the economy is Depression-era scary, and what his boss Mark Cuban could be doing better.

  • If it’s Sunday, it’s the Washington Capitals

  • A tipster tells us, “Courtney Hazlett of’s ‘The Scoop’ in mid-meltdown around 10:45 am, Gate F20, DC Union Station — crying, pacing, screaming, using foul language and being consoled by ‘Morning Joe’s’ Willie Geist. She made Lindsay Lohan look like Mother Theresa after nine Prozacs”

  • TVNewser’s Steve Krakauer reports, “It has been just over four weeks since the new MSNBC lineup took shape on March 17. TVNewser took a look at the four weeks of ratings (March 17-April 11) since the launch of David Gregory’s Race for the White House and the 10pmET reair of Countdown with Keith Olbermann. We compared them to the previous four weeks (February 18-March 14). The 6pmET, previously occupied by Tucker Carlson and now by Race, has seen a slight improvement in the A25-54 demo (136K vs. 152K) and a large improvement in Total Viewers (392K vs. 504K). Each period included 19 shows. At 10pmET, the repeat of Countdown replaced the first hour of the doc block. The decision has not helped the ratings in either category. The Countdown re-air has averaged 175K in the demo and 436K in Total Viewers (19 shows). The previous four weeks saw the doc block average 261K in the demo and 532K in Total Viewers (16 shows).”

  • 23/6 reports, “China has angrily rejected an attempted apology from CNN for their commentator Jack Cafferty saying the Chinese were ‘goons’ and that their products were ‘junk.’ CNN’s original statement just made things worse, explaining that Cafferty’s remarks referred to ‘the Chinese government and not to Chinese people.’ Not exactly begging for forgiveness.”

  • The Alexandria Times takes a look atAlison Starling — Local news, with a Gator’s sparkle”

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  • Meet Your New/Less-New FishbowlNY Bloggers

  • A release announced, “, an award-winning news and information Web site, … introduces an innovative, multidimensional news platform called Apture on two popular blogs. Readers can easily browse and view related videos, articles and information chosen by editors without ever leaving the page. The Apture company launched earlier this month and is the first site to feature its ground-breaking technology. Chris Cillizza’s political news on ‘The Fix,’ and Liz Kelly’s entertainment coverage on ‘Celebritology’ are the first blogs to use Apture. Over time, will integrate Apture into most of the site’s blogs, articles and databases.”

  • MarketWatch reports, “New York Times Co. Chief Executive Janet Robinson told analysts Thursday that the company is seeking more opportunities to acquire digial properties as more readers turn to the Internet for news and information. Robinson, speaking during a conference call, was responding to a question about whether the company will be more aggressive now that it has two new board members from private equity firms that have demanded dramatic measures to stimulate New York Times Co.’s flagging stock price.”

  • Washington Post reported on Friday, “Silicon Valley high-tech entrepreneurs told the Federal Communications Commission yesterday that there needed to be more oversight of phone and cable companies at the agency’s second off-site hearing on broadband Internet rules. The agency heard from legal scholars, Web start-ups, the Christian Coalition and the Songwriters Guild of America, and debated the impact of Web regulation on high-tech innovation and investments, copyright protections and freedom of speech.”

  • reports, “Internet search leader Google Inc. posted a first-quarter profit Thursday that soundly beat Wall Street’s estimates, news that may assuage concerns that online advertising would succumb to a U.S. economic downturn.”
  • Online Media Daily reports, “AOL is planning to launch a new women’s lifestyle site skewing toward a younger demographic than its existing AOL Living property. Expected to launch in the next two to three months, the site will serve as the women’s counterpart to AOL’s Maxim-like ‘Asylum’ site for men, launched last December. As of March, Asylum had built an audience of 3.1 million, according to comScore.”

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  • GQ gets a mention by the House Judiciary Committee: “In a recent interview with GQ Magazine, you respond by describing Ms. Simpson as a ‘complete lunatic’ and asserting that she never mentioned your name during the deposition that she submitted to before Committee staff. In fact. Ms. Simpson actually referenced you several times at deposition. In any event, particularly since you have briefly commented on this matter in GQ and while serving as a commentator on Fox News, we believe the subject, like other serious charges regarding the role of politics at the Department of Justice, should be addressed before a key investigating Committee of Congress.”

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  • A release announced, “For Tuesday’s Pennsylvania primary, DC-based XM Satellite Radio will broadcast nationwide from Pat’s King of Steaks, the South Philly institution credited with inventing the Philly cheesesteak. Pat’s is also the historic spot where Sen. John Kerry made the much-criticized decision to request Swiss for his cheesesteak during his 2004 presidential bid. The XM broadcast will feature XM news anchors Rebecca Roberts and Joe Mathieu from the presidential election channel POTUS ’08. They will be stationed at a humble patio table, interviewing Philadelphia voters, journalists, and pols from 11 am to 4 pm ET. Roberts and Mathieu will be at the Clinton and Obama rallies that night.”

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  • Business Week reports, “Would-be McCain running mates angle for the Fox Effect at this year’s Radio and Television Correspondents Assn. dinner”

  • Washington Times’ Jon Ward reports, Jim Connaughton, chairman of President Bush’s council on environmental quality, briefed the press today in advance of the president’s remarks on global warming. After giving a long opening statement and then answering more than a dozen questions, Mr. Connaughton hustled out of the Brady briefing room under the pretense that he had to hurry to the airport. ‘Thank you, Jim. Jim has a plane to catch for the meeting in Paris. So thank you,’ said White House press secretary Dana Perino. About an hour later, roughly 100 White House and executive branch staffers filed into the Rose Garden to serve as an audience for the president’s remarks. Among them was Mr. Connaughton, who sat threw the entire speech, apparently unhurried by any travel schedule.”

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  • Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute is looking for a Strategic Communications and Events Manager.

  • Scholastic is looking for a part-time Event Associate.

  • Youth Today is looking for a Web Business Development Director.
  • Politico is looking for a Weekend Editor.
  • U.S. News & World Report is looking for a Copy Editor.
  • National Geographic Society is looking for a Specialist, Group Direct Mail.

  • BNA is looking for a Reporter.

  • Commonwealth Business Media is looking for an Editor-in-Chief.

  • is looking for an Online Producer/Editor.

  • PBS Interactive is looking for a Director, PBS KIDS GO! Broadband.
  • Transport Topics Publishing Group is looking for a Managing Editor, TT Magazines.

  • Middle East Broadcasting Networks is seeking Multiple Radio Broadcasters.

  • Need To Know News is looking for a Broadcast Reporter.

  • National Public Radio is looking for a Journalism Recruiting Director.
  • The (Annapolis) Capital is looking for a reporter to cover city government.

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