Morning Reading List 04.13.09

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Its day 84 covering the Obama administration and week 11 for us. Happy Birthday to mediabistro’s Mischa Bergeron! What we know and what we’re reading this Monday morning…
The NYT Co., which has threatened to shutter The Boston Globe, is seeking deep concessions from the newspaper’s union mailers that would account for more than 40 percent of their wages and benefits, the union president said.
After running a front-page advertisement for an NBC show that resembled a news story on Thursday, the LATimes Calendar entertainment section on Sunday was accompanied by a four-page ad for the movie The Soloist that was laid out like a news section.
Newspapers produced and sold by homeless people in dozens of American cities are flourishing even as the deepening recession endangers conventional newspapers.
The Daily Beast brings us the “7 Best Moments from Sunday Talk.”
Chris Matthews paid tribute to Vic Vissari, a longtime editor for NBC News in the Washington bureau, on Sunday’s Chris Matthews Show. Vissari died of cancer earlier this month.
Washington Whispers profiles CSPAN’s Brian Lamb here.
Fox’s Glenn Beck is taking a comedy show on the road for six live performances. Beck calls his act a “poor man’s Seinfeld” and intends to mix topical humor with his modern-day reimagining of Thomas Paine’s 1776 pamphlet Common Sense.”
A look at MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” here.
What type of web commenter are you? Or are you the worst kind- the anonymous criticizer?
714,000 people visited the Newseum in its first year on Pennsylvania Ave (as compared to 480,000 in its last year in Arlington).
AdAge: “The new Russell Crowe movie “State of Play” feels like a memento mori for newspapers. Watching Crowe’s hero-journalist character extract important information, for the public good, from actual sources really broke my heart. Who’s going to do that anymore?”
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