Morning Reading List 02.27.09

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Its day 39 covering the Obama administration and the end of week 4 for us.

What we know and what we’re reading this Friday morning…



FishbowlNY reports Newsday and the San Francisco Chronicle will start charging for online content.

Larry Kramer at the Daily Beast says “people need to get over the notion that quality news only comes on paper.”

Slate’s Jack Shafer calls out WaPo for what it calls the “Bogus Trend Story of the Week” for a piece headlined “Climate Fears Are Driving ‘Economigration’ Across the Globe.”


Jon Friedman at Marketwatch’s Media Web asks is the calm Rachel Maddow overshadowing the “bombastic” Chris Matthews on MSNBC?


Fortune Magazine’s Barney Gimbel is leaving the magazine amid charges of plagiarism that have caused the mag to issue an apology in the March 9th issue. The apology from the New York Observer: “In our Feb. 2 issue we published a story about Lukoil and its president titled “Russia’s King of Crude. We have since discovered that several passages were lifted from “The Triumph of the Quiet Tycoon,” written by Peter Maass and published in the New York Times Sunday Magazine on Aug. 1, 2004. Fortune apologizes to Mr. Maass and the New York Times Sunday Magazine.”


Another “Top 10 most influential DC Twitterers” list… this one from “Cheeky Fresh.” This list promises “people who are truly influential- “twinfluential” if you will.”


The Senate voted yesterday to ban the return of the FCC’s Fairness Doctrine.

Politics magazine is accepting nominations for its list of Rising Stars of politics. Deadline is April 10th and nominations can be made here.

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