Morning Reading List 02.19.09

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Its day 31 covering the Obama administration and week 3 for us. What we know and what we’re reading this Thursday morning…



In today’s Media Notes, Howie Kurtz asks, “How Low Will Newspapers’ Ad Revenues Go?” “Thriving newspaper Web sites may be popular — USA Today and The Washington Post also drew more than 10 million monthly visitors last year — but they are slowly strangling print circulation. Online ad revenue remains far too modest to support the sizable reporting staffs that make newspapers worth reading and enable them to do real digging.” We had to bypass one full page ad to get to this piece.

Matthew Yglesias takes on Fred Hiatt and the WashPost editorial pages over a George Will column this weekend denying climate change.

Today’s “journalism is doomed” clip of the day from The New Republic, “MSM, RIP.”


He may not quite have thrills up his legs, but Chris Matthews does share high opinions of Sen. Ted Kennedy on the Daily Beast. He says his new biography on Kennedy reveals what makes him the greatest US Senator of modern times.

Check out the New York Observer’s profile of CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, host of GPS, here. “From the get-go, unlike most Sunday public affairs programs such as Meet the Press and This Week, GPS set out to lure political leaders and thinkers onto the show from outside the Beltway and outside America. Part of Mr. Zakaria’s booking pitch to world leaders has been to emphasize his reach: U.S. policy makers in Washington and New York as well as viewers in London and Moscow and New Delhi—even in Kabul.”


There’s been an on-going discuss of whether or not newspapers’ online content should be free, with players like Bill Keller and Walter Isaacson advocating for it. Slate’s Jack Shafer looks that the other side here. Remember Slate was once a pay-for-content site itself.

Politico’s Michael Calderone picked up a lot of attention for this piece yesterday on the wave of reporters moving to the Obama administration. Former White House Press Secretary Jake Siewert points out Republicans like Tony Snow and Greg Morrell who have made similar moves. Check out their exchanges here.


The NYPost reports this morning the Newsweek staff is “steaming” over a slimmer mag.


Broadcasting & Cable reports President Obama has reiterated his opposition to the FCC’s Fairness Doctrine.

Kathleen Parker tells us what its like to travel on AF1 with the Obamas on the Daily Beast. Parker was one of five columnists to travel with the President from Washington to Chicago last week.

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