Morning Reading List 02.17.09

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FBDC wishes a Happy Birthday to Betsy Fischer. Its day 29 covering the Obama administration and we’re back after a three-day weekend. What we know and what we’re reading this Tuesday morning…



Why doesn’t WaPo’s Dana Milbank read comments about his columns? He wants to keep his blood pressure in check (h/t Poynter). In an online chat, “The problem is I could spend all day reading those and the blog chatter and then wind up not doing my job… It is a dilemma. I think the webchats are useful to that, and I try to read the emails I get if they aren’t written in all capital letters.”

Laid off Washington Times cartoonist Bill Garner says he didn’t expect to get picked out by “professional headhunters” brought in by the paper to make cuts.

Conservative columnists are having an easier time cranking out the columns in an Obama administration, according to Editor & Publisher.

Today’s “journalism is doomed” clip of the day, from Salon: “What is really threatened by the decline of newspapers and the related rise of online media is reporting– on-the-ground reporting by trained journalists who know the subject, have developed sources on all sides, strive for objectivity and are working with editors who check their facts, steer them in the right direction and are a further check against unwarranted assumptions, sloppy thinking and reporting, and conscious or unconscious bias.”

The Baltimore Examiner is no longer in print and the website now forwards to


ABC’s Sam Donaldson is retiring after 41 years in the biz. Howard Kurtz writes: “Whatever else he accomplished in his 41 years at ABC News, Sam Donaldson knows he’ll be remembered mainly for his bellowing voice. “I guess it’ll be on my tombstone: ‘He yelled at Ronald Reagan,’ ” Donaldson says.

Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren spoke with Bristol Palin about her new baby, the father Levi Johnston and more in her first television interview since the birth, TVNewser reports. It aired on “On the Record” last night.


AP reports Sirius Radio could file for bankruptcy as early as the beginning of this week. This would allow Sirius to break contracts with high priced on-air talent like Martha Stewart and Howard Stern, who has a 5-year $500 million deal.

Reuters also reports this morning Sirius and Liberty Media could be near a deal that would spare Sirius from bankruptcy.


ABC’s Jonathan Karl guest authors The Note today and tomorrow. From Playbook, the last time Karl filled in, he was the first to report that one Caroline Kennedy was thinking of seeking a U.S. Senate seat.


The Atlantic goes local for its March issue with four different versions of its cover, specific to metro areas New York, Chicago, Toronto and San Francisco. The cover story is “How the Crash will Reshape America.” Not only is DC left out, but the NY edition will run in the rest of the country.


Polk Awards, From the NYTimes: “Three staff members of The New York Times and reporters for The Chicago Tribune, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The Detroit Free Press, The Los Angeles Times, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The Seattle Times and The East Valley Tribune of Mesa, Ariz., were cited for distinguished work in the tradition of George W. Polk, a CBS correspondent killed in 1948 covering the civil war in Greece. Other awards went to a correspondent whose work appeared in Fast Company magazine, three members of a CBS News “60 Minutes” team, two journalists collaborating for public radio and an independent documentary producer. The author Gay Talese, a former reporter for The New York Times whose work has appeared in many publications, was cited for career achievement.”

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