Morning Reading List 02.12.09

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Happy Birthday to Jim Vandehei.

It’s day 24 covering the new Obama administration. And day 11 for us. What we know and what we’re reading this Thursday morning…



Wash Times brings on Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush as rotating columnists for “Reinventing Conservatism” column.

Editor & Publisher has more ideas for saving newspapers, including flavored ink and page one girls.

WaPo veteran David Broder had an hour-long interview with VP Joe Biden. Read his piece here.


Yesterday President Obama signed legislation delaying the switch to digital TV to June 12th.


TVWeeks reports 11% of online Americans are now using Twitter, according to a Pew Internet & American Life report. That’s up 5% from a report completely in May.


On the Inside Looking Out,” former CNN Pentagon correspondent Jamie McIntyre talks to Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell, former ABC correspondent, on the distinct differences between the two jobs.

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