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It’s day 23 covering the new Obama administration. And day 10 for us.

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Playbook has Sam Feist’s note on CNN’s Lucy Spiegel’s promotion: “I am pleased to announce that Lucy Spiegel has been named executive director in charge of Washington-based contributors and analysts. In her new role, Lucy will manage their involvement with CNN as well as develop relationships with other top experts and newsmakers who may become key voices for our coverage. Additionally, she will continue to organize focus groups and audiences to support CNN’s special events. As one of the best connected people in Washington with years of production experience, Lucy is a natural fit for this position. Since 1996, she has conceptualized and managed programs for the weekend public affairs team, overseeing programs including Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer, Reliable Sources, This Week in Politics and Capital Gang…”

WaPo’s Howard Schneider replaces Griff Witte as Jerusalem bureau chief. Schneider moves from the paper’s Continuous News Desk. From David Hoffman and Scott Wilson’s memo: “This is a homecoming for Howard, who served previously as our correspondent in Toronto and Cairo. Howard joined the Post’s Metro staff in 1988 as part of the Annapolis bureau, then later covered the District government. After coming home from overseas, he was an editor on the Financial staff. Two years ago, he took over the early shift on Continuous News. With a new government about to be formed in Israel, a new administration in Washington, and in the aftermath of the war in Gaza, this beat promises to remain at the core of our overseas coverage. It is one of our most intense and difficult posts.” (h/t Calderone)

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Howard Kurtz’s Media Notes, “As Mainstream Exits D.C., Niche Media Tides Rises”

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Also from Playbook this morning: Katie Couric has an exclusive with Speaker Pelosi today, then anchors the “CBS Evening News” from D.C. This evening, Katie will participate in the Ford’s Theatre Grand Reopening Celebration, which includes the presentation of the Lincoln Medal to George Lucas and Sidney Poitier.”

Brian Stelter chatted about this piece on today’s Morning Media Mix. Slate asks “Why is NBC being so cagey about its new series?”

From The Daily Beast’s Rachel Sklar: “Who’s Afraid of Jake Tapper? ABC’s tenacious reporter is already proving to be the new star of the White House press pack…”

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Kurtz commented on WaPo’s Michael Fletcher’s question to President Obama at Monday’s primetime press conference in yesterday’s online chat Media Backtalk… “You know, there are different views of this, but I didn’t have any problem with Michael Fletcher’s question. A-Rod is not only the biggest star in baseball, he’s a huge celebrity. I mean, he hangs out with Madonna! He had just admitted the past steroid use, which clearly and irreparably tarnishes his record, that day. The story of past baseball cheats– Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Jason Giambi– has badly hurt the sport. So it’s hardly in the same category as Jessica Simpson (which Obama has already opined on, when asked– I believe by Matt Lauer — how he felt about her weight gain, and not him, being on the cover of Us Weekly.)”

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The NYTimes reports today that Sirius XM is posing for possible bankruptcy… “It is unclear how a bankruptcy would affect customers. Service is unlikely to be interrupted, but the company might have to terminate contracts with high-priced talent like Mr. Stern or Martha Stewart.”

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Black Enterprise magazine has scored an interview with President Obama.

The First Lady graces the cover of the March issue of Vogue. Michelle Obama was photographed in the Hay Adams Hotel in a magenta Jason Wu dress by Jason Wu (the same designer who designed her white, one-shoulder inaugural gown.) From Politico’s Nia-Malika Henderson: “Vogue editor Anna Wintour wrote: “Change was the clarion call of Barack Obama’s election campaign, though I don’t think any of us at Vogue initially realized that would include the difference that was going to be made by first lady Michelle Obama’s wardrobe.”

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Press Secretary Robert Gibbs commented on HuffPost’s question at the primetime press conference at yesterday’s press gaggle abroad Air Force One… “In terms of the press conference, you know, it’s– it’s not easy to change– let’s just say this: The ways of Washington are sometimes hard to change. Old habits die hard. But it was nice to sort of mix it up a little bit with that… I know there were people that didn’t get questions that wanted questions. I can assure people that if you thought the President looked like he was having fun it was because he was.”

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