Morning Reading List, 01.17.08


Good morning, Washington. Did you forget to shave this morning? I certainly didn’t…just didn’t have the will power of Mr. Cillizza, no matter how unattractive my versions of the Chuck Todd goatee or Jeffrey Birnbaum mustache looked .

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  • You are ready to see this writer’s strike end already.


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  • The New York Observer reports, “On Jan. 9, Wall Street Journal bureau chiefs from around the world gathered for a night of cocktails and dinner at the Marriott Hotel on West Street in the Financial District. It was the annual bureau chiefs’ meeting, and it gave Rupert Murdoch his first chance to speak to bureau chiefs and senior editors at Dow Jones en masse, and to answer some questions. It didn’t take long for Mr. Murdoch to start some controversy. At the meeting, according to three people who attended, Mr. Murdoch spelled out a theme he’s been emphasizing since last year, but in renewed terms: that front-page feature stories are too long and might be better suited for a weekend reader who has more time to read them.”

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  • Mixed Media reports,John Edwards wants you to ignore all that garbage coming out of Fox News — except when it makes him look good. Edwards was the first major Democrat to vow to sit out a debate originally scheduled to air on Fox News last August. ‘Fox News has already proven they have no intention of providing ‘fair and balanced’ coverage of any Democrat in this election,’ declared his campaign website. ‘Now it’s time for Democrats to stand together and send a clear message to Roger Ailes, Fox News and all the rest of them: bias isn’t balance, but turning tables is fair.’ Other Democrats also succumbed to pressure from and other left-wing groups, and Fox ended up cancelling the debate.”

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  • TVWeek reports, “A hungry online video audience offset the holiday traffic slowdown for video-sharing site YouTube, which grew its audience by nearly 9% in December. The site lured 68.6 million unique visitors last month, compared to 63.1 million in November, according to Nielsen Online. YouTube’s growth is particularly noteworthy given that Web traffic in general often slows in the last two weeks of the calendar year.”

  • Michael Chabon says that Richard Cohen of The Washington Post should be ashamed of himself for using smear and guilt-by-association to scare Jews about Obama.

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  • Media Biz reports, “And back in late November, investors were led to believe, courtesy of a Bear Stearns analyst report, that Department of Justice approval of the merger between Sirius Satellite Radio (SIRI) and XM Satellite Radio (XMSR) was ‘imminent.’ But it’s now more than a month and a half later and there has been no ruling from either the DOJ or the Federal Communications Commission, which must also give the deal its blessing, about the merger. So much for ‘imminent.’ Investors are getting increasingly nervous. Shares of Sirius have plunged nearly 26 percent since November 30 while XM’s stock has plummeted 31 percent.”


  • Inside Higher Ed’s Scott McLemee writes, “The people running Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign probably haven’t made time to leaf through the University of Illinois Press’s most recent catalog. Too bad for them. They could have placed an early bulk order for Erika Falk’s Women for President: Media Bias in Eight Campaigns. The official publication date is next week. It seems like a book that Clinton’s staff would find useful — and not just as a projectile to bounce off the heads of members of the press corps.”

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  • The Economist Group is looking for a Sales Manager.

  • World Politics Review is seeking News About U.S. Foreign Policy and National Security.

  • DailyCandy, Inc. is looking for a Washington, D.C. Editor.

  • AARP is looking for a Deputy Editor.

  • Hanley Wood, LLC is looking for a Managing Editor Multifamily Executive & Developer.

  • BizBash Media is looking for someone in Advertising Sales.

  • American Society of Landscape Architects is looking for a Writer.

  • Capitol File is looking for a Sales Assistant and Administrative Assistant.

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