Morning Media Newsfeed: Stuart Scott Dies at 49 | U.S.Sanctions N. Korea for Sony Hack

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ESPN Anchor Stuart Scott Dies at 49 (TVNewser)
ESPN’s Stuart Scott died Sunday morning following a long battle with cancer, a disease he fought three times. Scott was 49 and spent the last 21 years at the sports network. FishbowlNY Sunday morning on the NFL Network’s GameDay, Rich Eisen began by turning the clock back to 1996 and the moment when, as a “Jewish kid from New York City,” he walked on to the ESPN set to work alongside Scott. Rich Sandomir noted in his New York Times obit that at the 2014 ESPYs, Scott reminded everyone that, “When you die, that doesn’t mean you lose to cancer.” NYT “Booyah!” was Scott’s signature expression, and it spread well beyond sports and into mainstream culture. Other times he would enliven his offerings of scores, commentary and highlights with remarks like, “Cool as the other side of the pillow,” “Just call him butter ’cause he’s on a roll,” and “Wow! That was as hard-core as the Wu-Tang Clan on steroids!” THR Scott was first diagnosed with cancer in 2007 after he became ill while covering a Monday Night Football game, and his appendix was removed. He had four surgeries in the week leading to his emotional appearance at the ESPYs. In addition to his work on SportsCenter and the network’s pre- and post-game coverage of the NFL, Scott was a regular onsite contributor to ESPN/ABC’s NBA games. Mashable President Obama, a long-time fan of SportsCenter, issued a statement Sunday afternoon, saying, “I will miss Stuart Scott.”

Sony Cyber Attack: North Korea Faces New U.S. Sanctions (BBC News)
The U.S. has imposed new sanctions on North Korea in response to a cyber attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment. President Barack Obama signed an executive order on Friday allowing sanctions on three North Korean organizations and 10 individuals. NYT The executive order was part of what Obama had promised would be a “proportional response” against the country. But in briefings for reporters, officials said they could not establish that any of the 10 North Korean officials who the sanctions were made against had been directly involved in the destruction of much of the studio’s computing infrastructure. Mashable The sanctions are meant to further isolate key North Korean entities by increasing financial pressure on the government and its officials, secretary of the treasury Jacob J. Lew said, with officials calling on financial institutions around the world to “take note” of the sanctions and refuse to do business with their targets. Senior administration officials on Friday called them unprecedented, noting it was the first time the U.S. had used sanctions in response to a foreign country’s attack on a U.S. company. FishbowlDC Friday, former New Mexico governor and UN ambassador Bill Richardson had on some controversial remarks in response to the sanctions: “He’s been the victim, Kim Jong-Un, of a lot of bad press, a lot of bad international attention — with the Sony hacking, taken to the international criminal court by some UN countries,” Richardson told Ayman Mohyeldin on MSNBC’s NewsNation With Tamron Hall. Variety North Korea has blasted the latest round of sanctions as “repugnant” and “hostile.” “Sony Pictures Entertainment produced a disgusting movie openly agitating terrorism against a sovereign state only to invite bitter censure and criticism of public at home and abroad. But the U.S. is kicking off a noisy anti-DPRK campaign, deliberately linking the ‘cyber terror’ with the DPRK,” said the country’s foreign ministry in a statement Sunday.

Mike Huckabee’s Final Fox News Show Airs (TVNewser)
Mike Huckabee‘s final Huckabee aired Saturday. Huckabee announced on his show that he is parting ways with Fox News as he explores the possibility of a presidential run. THR Huckabee joined Fox News in 2008 as a commentator and regular contributor. Huckabee premiered in September 2008. Huckabee, who served as the governor of Arkansas from 1996 to 2007, previously ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008 before withdrawing. John McCain earned the party’s nomination that year and lost to Barack Obama. WSJ This is not the first time Huckabee has used his Fox News show to ramp up speculation about his political plans. In 2011, he announced at the tail end of his show — after a jam session with rocker Ted Nugent — that he would not run for president. Deadline After announcing his departure on his show Saturday, Huckabee went on to note that Huckabee “has been the highest-rated weekend show on the network each week since we launched,” plug his upcoming book God, Guns, Grits And Gravy and praise Fox News president Roger Ailes as “the smartest guy in the room — and it doesn’t matter who else is in the room.” He added later, “Now, I’m not going to disappear, and I’ll probably make guest appearances on Fox — hope so — but no longer as a member of the staff.”